Monday, January 24, 2011

Who Loves Ya Baby?

 "Listen, Rush, of all the scary things in this health care bill..the scariest thing is this: The government , if this passes, will be able to go into your bank account or anybody's bank account--I just read this last night--anybody's bank account, take the money out to fund this monstrosity. Did you know that?"
   --Caller to Rush Limbaugh

"He's right folks, he's right."
     --Rush Limbaugh

"This is the crown jewel of socialism."
     --Michele Bachmann

"Around this chamber, looking upon us are the lawgivers--from Moses to Gauis to Blackstone to Jefferson. By our actions today, we disgrace their values."
    --John Boehner

"This is not about healthcare. It never has been about healthcare.  This is about what does he call it?  Remaking America. This is government taking control of 1/6th of the economy. They will take your arteries, your values and your pancreas. Yes, you heard me. Your pancreas is at stake. "
        --Glenn Beck

"And he was easily riled, likely to shout
Frequently wrong but never in doubt."
         --Cheryl Wheeler
        "Frequently Wrong But Never in Doubt"

So, now here in the state of New Hampshire, the Live Free or Die state, in the town of Exeter, just seven miles up the road from our fair town of Hampton, the Exeter Hospital is in a death struggle with Blue Cross Anthem, wrangling over costs.

And thousands of patients have a received  letters from the private insurance company telling them they need to find new doctors because the company is severing ties with the doctors' group attached to the hospital as well as severing ties to the hospital.

These patients are being told, not by the government but by that darling of all the conservatives quoted above, A PRIVATE COMPANY, PRIVATE ENTERPRISE, they cannot keep their doctors of many years and need to chose one from the company's list.

Now, you might ask yourself, how much worse could a government run program be?
And you might ask yourself, how much better does the private sector look now?

Or as Sarah Palin might say, "How's that private sector thing working for ya now?"

One thing about Medicare, it's mission is to provide health care.
What do you think the mission of the private health insurance company is?

Could it be to protect the interests of its stockholders? (Just a thought)

With Medicare, you've got this huge bureaucracy to deal with, which can be pretty frustrating, but eventually, the doctor gets to talk to another doctor in Medicare and usually, after enough noise and complaint, Medicare does the right thing.

And you can, if all else fails, call your Congressperson, which people do a lot, when Medicare gets them riled. And, actually, it works.

Not true with the private insurer. Not because the insurance company people are evil--well, some of them are, bu that's another story--but because they have a different mission, which is to make money for the stockholders.
As the good folks of Exeter, NH have discovered. 

But hey, we know all about the evils of the Democrats' law because we read about it last night, on the internet, so it must be true. So true. He's right. And the government is after your pancreas. (!) Yikes. 

Now, you might ask, what would the government even want with my pancreas? Or my arteries, which by now are not likely all that pretty. 

It could have been worse, Glenn might have discovered the government was after some other body parts which would have made us wonder about him, but the pancreas and arteries sound reasonably clean.

The gov'ment's coming in those black helicopters to collect your pancreas.  That's what they do when they are fixing to set the crown jewel of socialism, you know that don't you? They put it in a bed of pancreas.  That's true. I read it on the internet.

The question you've got to ask yourself: How much worse could the government be than what you have experienced with your own private insurer?

I mean, if the government wants your pancreas, can you imagine what Blue Cross Anthem or MVP might want?

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