Friday, January 21, 2011

You'll Never Guess Who Is Against Taxing and Spending

Hey, you'll never guess what I heard on the radio, driving home. They were interviewing some guy who I think was a newly elected Congressman and he had this great idea, actually two great ideas about how to get our economy turned around: First we cut government spending, and then we cut taxes.

Isn't that wonderful?

I don't know, because I came in late to the interview so I never got his name, but he really sounded like he knew what he was talking about.

He said, all we had to do to get things back on track is to cut government spending, which is spending money we don't have, which never sounded like a good idea to me in the first place because whenever I spend money I don't have, I wind up paying really high credit card fees. So that sounded like good government to me.

He didn't say what government spending exactly he was planning to cut, but those are just details and I'm sure he'll get to that.  I mean, you know he wouldn't cut Medicare spending, at least I hope he's not thinking about that because, I mean I'm cash strapped enough without having to pay for my mother's hospital bills. And same for Social Security. I mean, I can't cover her rent.

But this guy had the right idea, in general. But I was driving at the time, so I didn't get everything. I was on Route 95 behind a snowplow.  You know what I heard? Route 95 is part of the interstate highway system, and that was a big time government boondogle started back in the fifties by some lefty Democrat president. But, actually, sometimes things work out better than you expect, and I really do like that road, which cuts my commute by half, although I do hate the tolls. I mean, I pay taxes so why are they thieving from me at those toll booths?

And that snow plow was going, like forty miles an hour, and I'm following right behind it because there is no road anywhere but right behind him. And he's only going forty miles an hour, which is good enough for government work, isn't it? I mean, the snow plow is state government, or maybe federal because it's a federal road, but he was moving really slow. And it was like five in the morning so there were almost no cars on the road.

I hope they are going to cut that snow plow driver's salary, slow as he is. There's a perfect example of government. Forty miles an hour. Like President Reagan said, bless his heart, The nine scariest words in the English language: "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you." That was this now plow driver all over.

So then the other thing was cutting taxes. I mean I wish I had heard this guy's name 'cause I'd love to vote for him. He says, really it's simple, spend less, tax less. Smaller government. I'm for that. That guy was definitely from New Hampshire. I think he's new and just won his Congressional seat and I can see why with a program like that.

You cut taxes and businesses start hiring and they make more money, and of course they pay more taxes when they make more money, so it's a win-win. Democrats could never figure that one out.  That Democrat Party is the party of lame brains, really they are.

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