Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kelly Ayotte votes to kill Medicare

Okay, it's official. Kelly Ayotte voted to kill Medicare. The GOP voted in the Senate to make Paul Ryan's bill which would convert Medicare from a system which pays your hospital bills to a system which gives you a coupon for $5000 (or some such amount) each year and then tells you, you are on your own.

The current going rate for a heart bypass surgery in the state of New Hampshire is about $100,000, all of which is covered by Medicare today but if the GOP and Senator Ayotte are  in power, not tomorrow.

If you get sick Medicare will not save you under GOP rules. Go sell your house and everything you own. Move in with your kids. Rather than raise taxes on the rich the GOP would kill Medicare and next, Social Security.

(She looks like such a nice young lady. Who woulda thunk?)

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