Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Tea Party: I Am Become Death

We are still reeling from the epiphany which occurred when Ron Paul was asked at the Tea Party Republican debate what he would do with the 30 year old man who winds up in the hospital, at death's door, without health insurance and the audience, good Tea Party stalwarts all, shouted out, "Let him die!"

That was one of those moments when every day reality, such as I saw daily when I was in training at a city hospital, rubs up against the delusional state induced by people who harbor an absolute Truth which guides every aspect of their life.

If the TRUTH is "Freedom trumps all," including the freedom to die because you were foolish enough to not have a PLAN B for disaster, then your freedom to have no plan, becomes some else's problem.

The problem is actually no longer your problem, when you are comatose. The problem become the problem of the doctors at the hospital when your panicked family brings you in, desperate.

Can the doctor at the hospital say, "Well, actually, he had the freedom to choose not to have health insurance, and he chose that, so now we are going to just let him die" ?

That's the way it happens, time and time again, every day, at every hospital in the land. Lots of tough guys who chose freedom, and their families present the problem to the hospital, which is to say, ultimately, the government.

It's very much the parental role: You have this stupid child who cannot be bothered to be inhibited by caution or prudent planning now you have to pick up the pieces and solve his problem.

Of course, that is much of what motivates members of the Tea Party: They simply do not like their neighbors or even their own family enough to be willing to spend their own money or time or effort to save them from their own fecklessness. The Tea Party faithful loathe welfare because the undeserving poor are helped by taxes coming from the hard working Tea Party folk.

Even if you give them the choice: Okay, you and your parents and your children will be taken care of, but to do this, we will also take care of the unworthy, slothful, shiftless poor who refuse to work, well then the TP folk say, "NO! I'd rather have my parents and children and myself go down the tubes than help those reprobates."

And that's why they hate the mandatory part of the new health insurance bill--because the heedless unworthies will be forced to take care of themselves.

Actually, what really bugs the TP folk is this punctures the fantasy that we can each decide to live off the grid and not be part of the larger community, as we drive down government built roads, talking on government invented internet based phones, across government built bridges, running by clear lakes and streams which were cleaned up by government environmental protection laws after free market private sector industry poisoned the waters.

And those fantasies are so important. Michele Bachmann doesn't want to have young girls vaccinated against sexually transmitted diseases because this means we are planning ahead for the day when at least some of those girls will become sexually active (maybe even before marriage, Heaven For fend) or maybe some of those innocent young girls will be virginal at marriage, but their husbands have had sex before marriage and they bring their brides this gift of HPV, which causes cervical cancer which kills the woman Michele thought was too frail, innocent and pure to have a vaccine. And Michele says the vaccine causes mental retardation because some mother in a crowd told her so.

Just how ignorant and clueless is Michele Bachmann?

Oh, there is splendid science. I heard it from the mother. So now it's true and that means, as President, no girls will get the vaccine.

She heard, of course, what she wanted to hear, and she endorsed this fantasy, this nightmare fantasy to support her underlying resentment against premarital sex.

Of course, maybe she was just trying to distinguish herself from Rick Perry, who approved of giving Texas girls this vaccine to prevent them from getting cervical cancer.

But then again, Rick Perry is on record as opposing telling boys about condoms.

So just how enlightened is Rick Perry?

Heaven forbid little boys use condoms, because if they don't use condoms they'll give HPV to little girls who will then die of cervical cancer.

And if these girls do not have health insurance, well they had it coming to them, according to the Tea Party Republicans.

Is this a great party, or what?

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