Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mr. Obama: We Still Love You, But...

Mad Dog is so happy President Obama is not President Romney, President Republican, the T Party President.

That having been said, we have to now get down to business.

As much as  Mad Dog agrees it makes sense to make it more difficult to buy guns, he is under no illusion this will effectively thwart either the madman, or the street thug. 

If trying to restrict the proliferation of guns is like trying to comb hair in a strong wind, that does not mean no attempt at control should be made.  A hat, perhaps.  And then there is the  suggestion by Mr.La Pierre and his co conspirators at the NRA the solution is more guns, guns at every school, guns at every shopping mall, stadium, swimming pool and public place. Of course, Mad Dog is not the first to observe: if guns could make us safe, then America should be the safest country on earth.  Even if it is not likely to work, restricting guns only inconveniences the lunatic fringe gun owners and we do not care about them. A pox on that house of the NRA and their frothing defense of every gun in every situation. Turn the screws on them just to shut them up. Open your mouth again and we will come take away your guns for saying such foolishness.

Let us simply vote against the NRA and move on to  the more important items which ought to be on the President's agenda, which effective legislation can affect:

1. Change the fundamental nature of the Supreme Court without amending the Constitution. Pack that sucker. Two new justices for every 4 year term of each President and allow only the 9 most recent to vote. Let this new court undo Citizen's United, Heller v District of Columbia, Bong Hits for Jesus etc.

2. Forbid strip searching in jails or prisons by whatever means it takes.
3. Press forward with single payer, Medicare for All.

4. Bring the troops home within the next three months from Afghanistan, Germany, Japan and basically every overseas base save, possibly, Korea. Close Gitmo for good measure. Dismantle and downsize the standing Army and Navy. Convert our armed forces to a smaller, Marine/SEAL style highly mobile force designed to intercede with pirates, terrorists and small cells rather than sitting around in bases waiting to fight Russian army divisions.

5. Legislate a dismantling of too-big-to-fail-banks.

6. Prosecute the money lenders who phonied up mortgages  for mortgage backed securities. Send those white collar liars to jail.

7. Launch a campaign now to unseat every single T party Republican in Congress, specifically, one by one, in every state where there is any prospect for success. This means don't waste your time in Alabama, but go after those  in California, Michigan, Ohio who might be vulnerable.

8. Challenge the whole concept of district Gerrymandering, and, ultimately, geographic representation in Congress, as opposed to one vote, one voter.

9. Launch a new stimulus package to repair bridges, roads, internet, hospitals.

10. Use the bully pulpit to attack the Demented Right, point by point. Encourage the enlightened left by strategic visits to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

Are you with Mad Dog? 
Do we have a Movement? 

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  1. Mad Dog,
    Excellent albeit ambitious goals( I'm coming around to your view on packing the court-Citizens United,Heller and Bong Hits have got to go sooner rather than later). #4 may be a bit radical but it's also practical and more of a reflection of our actual military needs. Gerrymandering needs to be addressed before the next election, strip searches are just wrong, fixing bridges etc. is just right and of course anything that includes Stewart and Colbert is an exceptionally good idea!! So count me in.....