Monday, September 30, 2013

American Anarchists: The Tea Party Brings the Nation Down

It's not like there are so many of them.  With the exception of the one from Minnesota, a few from California, they are from the South and the sparsely populated parts of the country, where men love their big guns and big trucks and where the off the grid crowd has found places to hunker down.  They constitute a sort of bathtub ring across the country, that scummy smear of nastiness which reminds you that after a soak, there really was grime which had worked its way into the creases.

The T party Republicans, just shy of 50 of them, say they are being reasonable; they are the people who are really listening to the American public. They are hearing that people are outraged over Obamacare and they are responding to those voices.

These voices are accompanying those vibrations coming through the motel walls which have seized control of these Republican members of the House of Representatives.  So roughly 380 members of the House, who are also supposed to be hearing voices have been controlled by the most vocal 50. 

Mad Dog does earnestly wish Mr. Obama would go to the mountaintop--Camp David--just hang out there and maybe invite Tom Harkin and Steny Hoyer and Chris Hollins and Nancy Pellosi and talk about prices for hog bellies or who might get to the World Series, and let the government grind to a halt. Let America feel the pain. Allow Americans to understand why we need a government.

And if Mad Dog is wrong--if we do just fine without a government, well Mr. Obama and his friends will still get their paychecks for a few more years and let the Republicans figure out how to live in a country which has emulated Somalia in its governing philosophy. 

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