Friday, October 23, 2015

Select Committee Dumbs It Down

Uh, What's So Funny? I Don't Get It.

Apparently, I was not the only one to notice Martha Roby's line of questioning when she attempted to demonstrate how uncaring Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had been by asking about when Ms. Clinton walked out of her office at the State Department, the night of Benghazi, who she had left behind. 

"Was so and so still there, when you walked out?" 
And when Ms. Clinton said it was likely so and so was still there, but she could not remember specifically who stayed, but pretty much the entire staff was still there when she left.

 Ms. Roby was not appeased, asking about each one by name, as if each name was another nail in the coffin of Ms. Clinton's reputation. "Was Ms. Mills still there, when you left?"
"Well, yes, since she was one of the staff, I imagine she was still there."
"Was Ms. Jones still there?"
And so on, like that.

Very much the prosecutor, setting the trap for the defendant.

You fled the scene of the crime! 
Leaving your loyal abandoned workers behind you! 
The workers, the underlings you abandoned, just as you abandoned Ambassador Stevens (to whom you never even gave your cell phone number). 
Oh, the callousness!

And then, the coup de grace
"When you went home, did you spend the night alone?" 
"Did I spend the night alone?" Hillary repeated. "Yes."
"The whole night? Alone?"

Wait, did she just ask me who I slept with?

This took a moment to sink in, but when it did, Ms. Clinton saw the absurdity and laughed. Did this bimbo Congresswoman just ask me if I went home to a lover? In a Congressional hearing?  

They talked the whole night through!

If I had, would she expect me to say, "Well, yes, now that you ask, and I have wondered why nobody else has asked, after all this time, through all these hearings:  I spent the night in bed with General Petraeus, and he was very good indeed. We talked about Paula, and how the young women can be fun, but they just don't seem to be able to keep their mouths shut. No discretion, those youngsters. Tend to brag a lot to their friends and get jealous and possessive. No, wait, was it Petraeus that night or Brad Pitt? I'll have to check my diary. Did you know I kept a diary?"

Let's just send in a plane full o f  heroes. That's sounds good.

But if Ms. Roby was simply a simpleton, then the prize for sleaze went to Congressman Lynn Westmoreland, who at least gets points for craftiness, as he amiably allowed he didn't give a hang about the emails, but then he did want to ask about the guys who wanted to organize a rescue flight which the Secretary had thwarted; he set up the fact that a team of non State Department Americans had set up an airplane trip to Benghazi, but Secretary Clinton did not give her okay.

 Ms. Clinton had  previously testified they were sending a State Department team but there "was not a State Department person on that plane."  

Well, true enough, Ms. Clinton pointed out, but that was an unarmed expedition Mr. Westmoreland was talking about and Ms. Clinton had scrambled some actual armed people who would be more likely be be effective and less likely to get killed. 

Really, from under what rock did these members of Congress crawl?  
Does the state of Alabama not have a better woman to send to Congress than the dim witted Ms. Roby?  I'm not sure where Mr. Westmoreland is from, but just looking at that guy, he makes Richard Nixon look as wholesome as  Howdy Doody. 

NOTE TO MR. WESTMORELAND: If your party had not sequestered funds for embassy security, or if Congress had taken that $20 million this Congressional committee spent on  investigating Ms. Clinton, and spent it instead on building stronger walls and more security for State Department facilities in dangerous places, maybe Mr. Stevens would be alive today.


  1. Come now Mad Dog-you do a grave disservice to rogues everywhere when you you call this collection of amateur bottom feeders a Rogue's Gallery..Rogue is a level they are still working towards, but for now remain mired in the mud as blowhard wannabes..Republicans must have searched far and wide to find the likes of these, including Ms. Roby, a bulb so dimly lit she delivers the best line of the day and doesn't know it....

  2. Ms. Maud,

    Did you see the clip?
    That was definitely my impression--she did not understand what Hillary Clinton found funny.
    A bulb so dim.
    I don't know, maybe she saw herself as Perry Mason honing in on the guilty in the witness box and maybe she thought she was going to get Hillary to burst out in tears and confess all, just like TV.
    It's hard getting into a mind (perhaps an overly generous description) like that.

    Mad Dog