Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Republican Shtick

A shtick is a comedy routine often assoicated with a particular comedian, so Don Rickles, Jerry Lewis, Joanne Rivers all had a shtick. Stand up comedians, like Chris Rock, Jay Leno perfect their lines at local clubs before taking them national or to big venues.

Last night, the most prepared practitioner was Ted Cruz, who was ready to try out his line that the IRS code has more words in it than the Bible, pause, wait for applause, and none of them (the IRS words) are as good as what's in the Bible.

This was clearly crafted to appeal to the evangelicals who are currently enthralled by Ben Carson. See, I can play that Jesus card, the Bible thumping thing, too!

It worked well in Milwaukee. The crowd loved it. Take that to Iowa. Or maybe, it came from Iowa where he tried it out first.

Then there was the Donald who was confronted by Ohio governor Kasich (can't spell that name.) The governor said the idea of rounding up and deporting 11 million immigrants while their children sobbed was ridiculous and not an adult proposal. To which the Donald replied he had built a corporation worth billions of dollars and he didn't need to take that from that guy at the end of the stage, who doesn't have enough poll numbers to rate being placed at the center. 

Which got thunderous applause. Give it to him Donald. You are winning. There will be so much winning when the Donald gets to the Oval Office.  And anyone who criticizes the Donald, I'll have you know, had better had established his street cred by having a corporation which makes billions or he can just shut up. 

I really love Republican debates. They just know how to not be whimps, to play to the better angels of our national character. The better angels--that phrase was made famous by that first Republican. You remember that guy: Abraham Lincoln.

What would Honest Abe think to see his nominative heirs performing today?

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