Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Donald J. Trump: Internment Camps for American Muslims?

Japanese American on the way to Internment Camp 1942
The Donald was on CNN this morning saying that a poll showed 25% of Muslims living in America think violence against Americans by Muslims would be justified and 51% think we should live under Sharia law.

Everyone else this morning was talking about Mr. Trump saying we should not allow any more Muslims into the country. What got my attention was what he is saying about those already here.

In his interview with the hapless Chris Coumo, Mr. Trump alluded to a man Coumo had on earlier in the program, who defended Roosevelt's incarceration of Japanese Americans at the outset of World War II. Trump spoke approvingly of all that.

I couldn't help but fantasizing about a debate between me and the Donald, held by Trump rules: 

Mad Dog: Mr. Trump is doing well in the polls. Of course, 49% of his supporters, who say they will likely vote for him  in the primaries are active members or have been members of the Ku Klu Klan, or say they support the Klan's principles. So we know who he's appealing to.

Mr. Trump: I'm a big guy, a winner. I don't turn away voters because the scum media says they are stupid. You know who's stupid?  The media. They are just scum,  you know? They call these horrible people masterminds. Did you hear that after Paris? That guy, and he wasn't very smart, but they were calling him a "mastermind." Oh, they are looking everywhere for the "mastermind!" And kids go on line. They are impressionable. They want to be a mastermind, too. 

Mad Dog:  Yes, kids are impressionable, I have to agree with you on that. But I don't agree with 59% of your supporters who say we ought to invade Ethopia, because it worked so well for Mussolini.  

Mr. Trump: They say that? Well, I do think we should bomb the shit of ISIS and if they go there, well, okay.  Where'd you get that?

Mad Dog: It was a poll.

Mr. Trump: Oh, well, then.

Mad Dog: And I heard from a woman in the parking lot that vaccines cause autism, and some vaccines cause otherwise peaceful Muslims to just go postal. Maybe we ought to change that expression: Maybe we should say, "Go Muslim!"  Or maybe no, we should say, go all "Radical Islam."

Mr. Trump: You can't get Obama to say that. He won't say the words, "Radical Islam!"
What's up with that? Of course, you know, he was born in Kenya and sent here to take over and establish a caliphate. 

Mad Dog: Did the woman in the parking lot tell you that? Cause I heard that too, but it was the same woman who told me about the autism, so I don't know. I do know there's a poll that says 40% of Republicans think Obama is a Muslim.

Mr. Trump: He's such a disaster. I mean, what was that from the Oval Office the other night? The man cannot say, "Radical Islam?"  He is just a disaster. And clueless. How stupid does he think we are? I mean, our teachers told us we are stupid. Our bosses tell us we are stupid. The media tells us we are stupid. But it's not us who's stupid. It's them. They are stupid! All of them. Not us. But I went to the Ivy League.

Mad Dog: I couldn't agree with you more. You know, I thought this was supposed to be a debate. But 55.5% of the people who are likely voters in the New Hampshire primary think you are smarter than their own governor, and she has said she doesn't want to let more refugees in until we have a chance to take a breath. And you know what religion most of those refugees are.  And now she's probably very happy she said that.  And 25% of the Muslims in New Hampshire say they want jihad and 54%, I got this from a poll, 54% say sharia law ought to replace the Constitution, and you know what that means. Good-bye Second Amendment. 

Mr. Trump:  And that's something you can forget about. Won't happen. Not if I'm President.  We'll arm school children.  And we'll be winning, so much. We'll get bored with winning, we'll be winning so much. We'll all be proud. Just so proud.  Did I tell you about how I won the bid for the Old Post Office Building in Washington, D.C. ? Won the bid from the Obama administration. Know why? Cause I'm a winner. We're all going to be winners when I'm President. Going to build a hotel there, so when I win the election, I'll have a place to stay until the Inauguration. And when I get into the White House, I'll redo it, like I did with the ice skating rink in Central Park. Ed Koch was so embarrassed about that rink. Couldn't get it done. But I got it done, under budget in 6 weeks. Ed was a good friend of mine. Nice guy, really. They named a bridge after him. A bridge to Queens.  But still. I mean, I'm from Queens, myself, sort of.  If those people in Paris had had guns--good-bye Jihadist scum bags!  

Mad Dog: Actually, you know, I think I've finally found something I disagree with you about:  You can have your AK-47. Give me a baseball bat and the element of surprise and I'll take those odds any day. It comes down to "DO you feel lucky, today?"

Mr. Trump: Hey, Clint Eastwood. Dirty Harry! My man. But I don't get it. You say that when you have the gun on the guy. "Do you feel lucky today?  A big magnum. 

Mad Dog: I know, but I just love saying that.

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