Thursday, March 3, 2016

Making the Perfect the Enemy of the Good

Proud to Call Him a Democrat

Whenever you are inclined to a little dalliance in masochism just pop onto the website/blog Reddit Progressive. There you will experience the reality of the folks Democrats have got to court, but who will never actually get beyond the world of "It's all about me." There you will find comments that Hillary Clinton is a Republican, that she has no conscience, that she is the anti-Christ, or at best the anti-Bernie and on Election Day, we should all sit home in righteous indignation and hope her campaign crashes and burns and she is immolated in Hell fire, because, Heaven knows, she deserves it. 
Still Miss Him

These folks make Donald Trump look understated--he simply claims she's a "disaster" and the worst Secretary of State ever, but he has not, to my knowledge impugned her soul.

During my college days, I marched in peace marches and hung out with Hippies and assorted radicals who thought the United States of America the Great Satan before the Iranian ayatollahs came up with that name. In those days, given the American inclination to napalming Vietnamese villages, killing babies, bludgeoning demonstrators, shooting up radicals and setting attack dogs on Civil Rights demonstrators, not to mention fracturing their skulls or simply murdering Freedom Riders, the idea of the United States as a less than benign nation was understandable.
She'd look good in a black robe on the Supreme Court

But, even in those days, there were some scary, freaky, stupid people who you knew would ultimately cut their hair, buy a new suit and wind up selling automobiles or becoming real estate agents or bankers and they'd forget all about their Hippie Days because they were just in it for the fun.

The modern day descendants of those air head Hippie, Yippie types are now blogging on Progressive Reddit.  

The things they say!

I'd rather have to deal with these folks than deal with the folks who show up to Trump rallies, carrying the battle flag of Dixie, or grabbing microphones to shout "Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya!"   Embracing the warm kiss from David Duke, Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan may give the Donald an uncomfortable moment; at least the Grand Dragon is Mr. Trump's problem, not ours.

But, good grief, it is disheartening when you see who is flocking to your colors sometimes. 
You Don't Have to Love her, Just Vote for Her

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