Sunday, May 22, 2016

Marketing the Anti Trump

Where can I get this puppet?
surely, there must be a way.  It's simply a matter of getting Don Draper together with Bernie Sanders and Bernie Frank and Elizabeth Warren and Warren Buffet and maybe James Taylor and Susan Sarandon and Loren Michael and some local Hampton Democrats and we'll all sit around Smutty Nose brewery one night and come up with a Saturday Night live version of the Donald, which we can package as 30 second ads in a campaign which will be so revealing and so compelling and so truthful that even the dimmest citizen, even the guy who was all set to vote for The Donald because, well, he hasn't thought much beyond that marketing campaign from the Donald which has captured the prevailing narrative.  The Donald marketing campaign: Make America great (White) again,  and we'll all be winners and the Democrats are the party of Disaster.  It's all out there.

All we need is a well crafted answer.

In the Oval Office

And, just as important, we must do the same for Kelly Ayotte, who is actually a much more difficult problem, because, unlike The Donald, she is very careful to present herself as completely safe and conventional. 
Kelly, as the quintessential  all American girl, a mother who raised a warrior son. A sweet woman, who  became a hard nosed prosecutor before she went off to the United States Senate where she became the dream girl of the Tea Party Republicans, and dated Joe Arpaio, the toughest sheriff in the country, the guy who rounded up all those illegal alien rapists and paraded them down the street in pink underpants. She became the poster girl for every Right Wing nut, and she played around with the good ol' boys from the South, while the folks back home in New Hampshire thought she was just attending Senate hearings and keeping her nose clean and powdered.
Is this a mask or a puppet?

This may be, as Don Draper once observed, one of those things which looks easy, which everyone thinks he could do, coming up with a few, succinct ideas and images which illuminate, but actually, it's maybe not so easy. 
Scott Brown: Don't Cry For Me, Massachusetts

After all, everyone from SNL to Stephen Colbert to Rachel Madow has had a crack at the Donald, but nothing has so much as pricked his surface. He is Kevlar coated. The guys who believe in him (and they are mostly guys) cannot be shown the emperor no matter how nakedly inane he may be. 

But what about that part of the slumbering electorate who hasn't formed a clear opinion? 
That's the puppet we need

Is there time? Is there a way?

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