Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Trumped! Our Very Own Berlusconi

If Donald Trump never does another good thing for his country, at least he managed to thwart one of the most malicious sleaze balls in his quest for the presidency. Listening to Mr. Cruz's concession speech tonight was the ultimate reminder of the great service the Donald has done his country by ending the ordeal of having to listen to the stomach turning Mr. Cruz any longer.

Running against Trump will be a challenge for Hillary Clinton. Like most lawyers, like anyone who has been in government, Hillary thinks in terms of policies, and programs,  but Trump does none of this.  Do you apply the principle of punishing an accomplice to murder by prosecuting a woman who has an abortion? Yeah, sure, why not?  No, wait.  Hell, I don't care.  Who thinks about stuff like that anyway?  Hey, we're gonna make America great again: that's what I'm talking about!  

How do you debate a ten year old who will stand on the stage and make faces and thumb his nose at you and called you names?  

Mr. Trump joins that pantheon of rich men who seek public office by sheer audacity and exuberance and succeed, for a time. He will have to step up his game to compete with  Silvio Berlusconi, the former Italian premier,  who was fond of appointing former lovers to government offices. He appointed Marla Carfagna, a former bedmate,  as his Minister of the Ministry of Equal Opportunity--taking the name of that ministry quite literally--if this woman was willing to go to bed with me, why should she not have equal opportunity to serve in public office?

Who would not want equal opportunity with her?

Perhaps Hillary's best option would be to send Bernie to the debates with the Donald. She could say, "When the Republicans nominate an adult, I'll debate. Until then I'll send my Vice Principal to deal with the Infant Terrible." 

The Donald should be studying the game films of Mr. Berlusconi in action.  This is  how an infantile billionaire can frame the discussion among world leaders when considering important questions like what to do with the Syrian refugees flooding into Europe or how to handle the Greek default. 

Who needs adults ,when we can have such fun?

We all have to admit, it will be interesting to see what the composition of America really is. Will the Donald appeal to only the 32% who voted for him in the early primaries or will more and more Americans catch the fun train?   Are we more like Germany or Italy?  Germany, after all, elected a decent, if frumpy lady whose instincts have been magnanimous and conciliatory, while Italy preferred Mr.  Berlusconi, who was way more fun, who threw parties with a ready supply of young women (teenagers, actually)  to bed for all his rich friends, while running a tabloid news and real estate empire. 
Now this is the way to govern

I may have to start watching reality TV.  How about "Survivor?" 
Nicole Minetti

Both billionaires seem to have a taste for a certain look of woman. In the case of Nicole Minetti, who procured the teenagers for Mr. Berlusconi's "parties" the look was lean and angular. At least, one might say, he had a certain standard he maintained.  Mr. Trump, apparently, has similar tastes.  And he's an internationalist. He likes Miss Universe contestants. And as was true of Mr. Berlusconi, the women seem to find something to like in the Donald. Might be the hair. Might be the money.  Something works for these guys.
I may have some young ladies for you

Stay tuned.

I Dig  Donald

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