Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Donnie J and the Second Amendment Blow Out

If ever Democrats played into the Donald's hands, it has to be this flap over his remark that "the 2nd amendment people may be able to do something," about Hillary nominating gun unfriendly judges to the Supreme Court,  which Vice Presidential candidate Kane immediately claimed was an incitement to violence, a call for gun lovers to shoot Hillary. 

Oh, plueeze, Tim:  Get a life. 

As if to prove Donnie John's claims the Democrats are all about political correctness, semantic games and not to be taken seriously because all they care about is scoring points on ridiculous hysterical hyperbole, the Democrats and some in the media, have tried to inflate one of the few relatively innocent remarks coming from Donnie John into something threatening and inappropriate, thus confirming what Trump supporter's already think they know about the Democrats and the "liberal media." 

This morning on NPR they went over his statements playing clips of each sentence, and then having an analyst tell you what he meant or might have meant and in the end they bemoaned how the Donald manages to control the news cycle every day, after they thrust the controls into his hands.

He, quite correctly, laughed it off, saying this was just another example of the liberal media trying to portray him as dangerous and out of control when in fact, he had simply remarked that the NRA, with all its political clout might be able to reign in Hillary, but he never suggested anyone shoot her, which, of course, he had not. 

People have been talking about the Donald undermining his own campaign but he is losing no ground in that department to the Democrats.

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