Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Pneumonia and a Free Press

Sue Page and Tamara Keith tell us Hillary hid her pneumonia. What a slut!

She got the walking pneumonia and the boogey woogie blues this news cycle.
And now you got people who make their living in makeup on TV sets fluffing their hair and checking their eye make up saying that this pneumonia thing is just part of a bigger story which is Hillary Clinton's secret streak. She had pneumonia on Friday and it was SUNDAY before she told us about it. She is just such a control freak. Paranoid as Richard Nixon. Always hiding something. Always obfuscating. That woman. And you know, maybe it's more than pneumonia. Maybe Donald Trump is right about Hillary. Maybe she's too frail to be President. Maybe she is LOW ENERGY!

Oh, let's all go vote for Donald J. Trump, who after all is the very picture of male vigor and he's big where a man should be big.

Setting aside the nebulous term "pneumonia" and the even more non medical term "walking pneumonia"  let us ask ourselves, each and every one of us a question: When you have a cough, or a urinary tract infection or low back pain because you lifted furniture, do you call up all your friends and relatives to tell them all about it? 

Surely, you call your local newspaper.

You know what's really exasperating about this election, about all elections lately, actually: People who you know are not total idiots start talking like idiots.

That doesn't make them idiots, just fools.

But that Hillary, taking a risk with the public health by spreading her pneumonia germs around.  She does have that kind of pneumonia, right? I mean, she has been shaking hands with people without applying Purell every time. What a typhoid Mary! She's a public health menace! Isn't she? I mean she breathes on people, on crowds of people. 

Now, on the other hand, if you nod your head when Donald John says deplorable things, that does, in fact, make you a Deplorable, ipso facto
I mean, haven't you watched those Trump rallies and said to yourself: He's an idiot, but at least he's entertaining, but look at those wackos in the audience! They are scary and he's making them feel NORMAL! Well, don't let us allow them to creep out from under their rocks and whatever greasy holes they came from and shout Zeig Heil! Let's shine a light on these creepy crawlies.

But Hillary, don't apologize for speaking the truth. And put your feet up and chill.


  1. the difference is the Republicans know how to create a story and stay on it. They are the masters of manipulating the truth - and Trump is great at this - just ask "Low Energy"Jeb, "Lying" Ted or "Little"Marco - they still don't know what hit them.

  2. Anon,

    The wonder is why NPR, CNN et al continue to report these non stories--email, walking pneumonia etc.

    Mad Dog

  3. Again, the true talent of Trump (and perhaps his only one) is that he understands how to get free publicity and have his version of truth propagated. It is interesting that he was going after Hillary's health well before the pneumonia story broke. Did his people know something others did not?