Friday, November 4, 2016

The Rat's Nest At the FBI

Eliot Ness
Two sources told Reuters that investigators in the FBI’s New York field office are “known to be hostile” to Clinton. On Thursday, The Guardian reported its sources described the FBI as a “Trumpland,” where agents have “deep antipathy” toward Clinton

The FBI has come a long way since Eliot Ness and the heroes of TV and film. I used to have FBI agents as patients when I practiced in Washington, DC and they struck me as being, for the most part, bored bureaucrats. They tended to be less explosive personalities than my policemen; if anything, they seemed a little dull, sort of Joe Friday detective types, if you remember "Dragnet, " world weary, a bit ground down.

More recently, the agents I've met are younger, often ex military, looking for adventure, guys who like to hang out at bars and tell war stories for the amusement of any females who might be impressed.

Now, we have the Huffington Post telling the tale of restlessness in the ranks, lower level agents who threatened to call Fox News if the innuendo story about Hillary Clinton was not released.
Hot Dog TV FBI: The hero of the new young Turks

"And there's more to come before the election," Rudolph Guliani, who has FBI connections, assures us.

So, we've come to this. The secret police, the Gestapo, intent on damaging a political rival to their own choice. 


Is this still America? Or is this Amerika?

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