Monday, December 5, 2016

Flynn, Bannon, Price: Hey, This Could be Fun!

Lt. General Flynn-Strangelove

According to a story in the New York Times, President Trump's National Security Advisor, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn during the campaign, ran a Twitter account accusing Hillary Clinton and her "tope aides" of running a pedophile racket.  "You be the judge," the general urged. And you know how that goes: If the lady in the parking lot tells you something, it must be true!
I'm not exactly clear what a National Security Advisor does, outside of what I saw in the "West Wing" TV show, but the woman who played the role looked very serious most of the time, and seemed to be talking a lot about terrorists who liked to lop off heads.
Dark is Good

Steve Bannon, who Saturday Night Live depicts as a dark, skeletal Death figure, has embraced the dark side as a good thing. Might see him wearing one of those black hats with the death's head pin worn by the SS in the Third Reich. They liked that dark side, too.  Others have suggested he might like a Darth Vader helmet. But Black seems to be the operating motif. Bannon has spoken ruefully about that big middle class America has created in Asia by giving away all those wonderful, high paying factory jobs American workers once held, stamping out toy metal cars and fishing line and cheap lawn tools and sending those wonderful jobs off  to China and Vietnam and Cambodia, where the workers could be paid slave wages to make the same stuff and they could then call themselves middle class.
Donald the Joffrey

I loved the story Steve Jobs told about having an epiphany one night, when he realized his Apple phones really needed tempered glass screens rather than plastic screens which could get scratched by the keys everyone kept in the same pockets where they carried their phones. So, he called up his Chinese manufacturer to say all those phones needed to be re done and all the new ones changed to include glass screens. All the Chinese manufacturer had to do was to sound the alarm and pull all his workers out of their bunk beds in their dormitories, and march them across the alley to their machines in the factories where 100,000 screens were replaced overnight and the phones were ready to go the next day.

I could never have done that with US workers, Jobs noted. It might have taken weeks to do that kind of corrective turn around.

Of course, had it taken weeks, Jobs would still have sold the same number of phones, just 3 weeks later, but it would not have been nearly as good a story.
800 jobs safe for Christmas

And then there were those great stories about all the jobs making air conditioners in Indiana--you remember Indiana, where that judge with the Mexican parents was from. Well, Donald drove a tough deal with Carrier. In return for some tax breaks and the continuation of $16 billion dollars in defense contracts, Carrier and its parent company agreed to keep 800 to 1000 of the 2000 jobs slated to go South to Mexico this year. Of course, next year those jobs may be in Tijuana. But it was a great Christmas story--Tiny Tim gets his Christmas goose, God Bless us, one and all.

I could really get into this new administration.

We have Ben Carson, who looks to be in early stages of Alzheimer's, is going to run Housing and Urban Development, which is a department, like the Department of Education and the Environmental Protection Agency, which Trump and his supporters would like to see die a quick and decisive death.  So you appoint Ben Carson and that Department will go up in flames.
If Sarah's not available, how about Maria in the Red Dress?

I would have bet on Sarah Palin for Education. She would have been the obvious choice, but that crack about crony capitalism might have killed her appointment. Oh, well. There's that ex governor of North Carolina who needs a job.  Or maybe, Tim Tebow. He'd be my choice. He's tried football and baseball, so he has a broad background in the NCAA.

The EPA requires some thought. Chris Christie would be the obvious choice, as anyone who has ever driven along the New Jersey turnpike toward the GW Bridge would know--all that ghastly oil refinery dystopia, burning black plumes into the air 24/7/365. But there you go mentioning the GW Bridge again, and that's a problem for Chris.
I want my job back

I would think you'd want that guy who owned that Big Branch coal mine which exploded in West Virginia would be the obvious choice for the EPA or at least for the Occupational Safety Administration, but the thing is, nobody is willing to admit who actually own and ran that mine.

NASA needs Tom Hanks.
Defense, I know, has lots of contenders, but can anyone doubt Stephen Spielberg would be just an inspired choice? Or, if he's not available, George Lucas.

What I'm hoping is the Donald will stay true to form and he'll start a new reality TV show called, "My Cabinet: You're Fired!" and every few weeks, when he starts dropping out of the lead sentences on Fox and CNN he'll haul in some cabinet member and get the cameras and lighting all set and say, "You're fired!"
It'd be better than gladiators in the Coliseum. 

Really, I'd stay up to watch that.


  1. Maybe we can stomach this next 4 years if we think of it in those terms. He just fired someone yesterday so we're on schedule.

  2. JML,
    I'd like to think he's brought in these wack jobs just to be able to fire them, but I don't think he's actually that smart.
    That's been the really disappointing thing about him--he's just not very bright.
    The banality of evil.
    The dimness of stupidity.
    Mad Dog