Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The War Against Government: Who Needs the Feds?

If there was ever a war against Christmas, it was nothing compared to the war against the federal government of the United States Donald Trump is waging. He promised to drain the swamp and he is going at the federal government by appointing men to head departments and agencies who have as their singular, distinctive and qualifying qualification a stated intention to destroy the departments they have been appointed to head.

This is what the voters voted for.
It may not be what they wanted.
It may not be what they will want six months from now, but it is definitely the change Donald Trump promised and then some.
Personally, I'm looking forward to it.
After years of Republican bombast about the evil of the federal government, I'd like to see just how correct they have been.
I really do not know exactly how bad things would be without the federal government. I can't bring to mind all the things it does. It's one of those things which may be so big you can't even really imagine life without it.

Margaret Bourke White

For example, I listened to the guy who runs the public housing for New York City who noted these housing units house 700,000 people, a population the size of Boston, within NYC, which is largely dependent on federal government funding. So if public housing in New York City collapses, how many of those 700,000 will go on the streets? How many will simply leave the city and cause no problem for the city? Can New York do without public housing? And that's just one thing Ben Carson can find out by destroying HUD.

How about Mr. Price at HHS, when he kills Obamacare and Medicare and Social Security?   If he does a good enough job, one can only imagine the effect on families when their sick parents have to move in with them. They voted for it. Hey, enjoy it. It is always possible, none of that will happen and we'll live happily without health insurance, or social security. Maybe the Republicans are correct. Maybe we'd be better off without these government programs. Let's find out.

And who needs an EPA or a department of Energy?

And really, if the State Department shuts down, what's the loss? No more visas for Muslims trying to get into the country. That great Trojan horse kept outside the city. We might all feel safer.

Really, this could be salutary. We may find without our enabler, the federal government, we have to be strong, to stand on our own. That's what the Republicans have always told us.

Lets find out!

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