Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Russians Aren't the Problem. Losers Are.

Listening to all the clamor about the Russian attempt to influence American voters has exposed one thing: How completely effete Donald Trump's opposition is.
No problem with a guy who likes pussy

For 18 months, the Democrats failed to appreciate that Donald Trump was speaking to a part of our population which is not offended by profanity, expressions of sexual avarice, or frat boy humor, and was more concerned to find a champion who would get in the face of whoever it was who was responsible for their loss of old line factory jobs, coal mine jobs and the general loss of status of households headed by white males who never got past high school.

I watched the woman who is the current head of Health and Human Services explain why killing the legal requirement for everyone to buy health insurance would kill the provision which assured nobody can be denied insurance for pre existing conditions.

She sounded like your third grade teacher, smiling, patiently explaining the connection between the two things. 

She did not say, "Look, how smart do you have to be to understand if you are going to require insurance companies to lose money by paying out for a lot of sick people with expensive illnesses like cancer and diabetes, you got to find them some healthy people they'll make money on, people who will pay for insurance they'll never need? You got to find people the same way Medicare finds healthy people, by taking money out of paychecks for years from healthy young people, so you can pay for them when they get old and sick. That's the way commercial insurance works: You exploit large numbers of the healthy, selling them something they don't need, so you can cover your expenses for the sick people. and still make a profit. It's about money. You don't like that? Suck it up. Or just shove the commercial insurance model aside and go to universal Medicare. At least we know that works. But no, the Republicans are all whining about more choice, more private enterprise. You want private, you got yourself pre existing conditions 'cause no businessman is going to sell insurance to anyone who actually needs it."

But no, she couldn't put it bluntly, hit 'em between the eyes, because she is part of an administration which is civil and kindly and wants to avoid turning off the ladies who go to church every Sunday and the PTA mothers and all those folks who love President Obama because he is such an overtly kindly man, who loves his daughters and his wife and who nobody can even conceive telling an off color joke.
Not afraid to offend

Listening to some former head of the CIA on the radio, I'm hearing a man using words like "very scary" and "unprecedented" and "heedless" as if that is supposed to worry me about Mr. Trump. 

Fact is, no matter how much dirt, or how many lies the Russians may have put out there, there is no way you will ever convince me or the majority of Americans, this disinformation resulted in Trump's win.
Not shocked by bombing the shit out of them

Trump won because he looked tougher than Hillary. That much was true.
He looked tough because he was unconcerned about details and logic--all he cared about was what he wanted, and that was putting Americans first, bringing jobs back to idle factories and screw the wusses who talk about trade wars and precedent.

Not the leader we need

Why did so many Democrats love Bernie? Because he sounded tough.
We need to find a tough sounding Democrat.
Everyone is sick of kind and gentle.


  1. He also is a great con man. What happened to "Build a Wall - and Mexico will pay for it" - not happening. "Lock her up" - not happening (she is sad enough). "Drain the Swamp" - actually he is putting together a Cesspool. But give him credit - he certainly understands his audience!!

  2. Enough of this "when they go low, we go high" crap. Does Warren fit the bill? She's tough but tends to stick with science and logic so will likely confuse the masses or bore them to death.

  3. Anon and JML,
    Well, that certainly touched some hot buttons. I infer I'm not the only one who thinks turning the other cheek, turning aside the wrathful with a soft answer is not going to work with our new administration. The Tea Party Destroy the Government movement seemed to fade for a while but looking at the new players with a destructo now in charge of the EPA, the Dept of Energy, Interior, CIA etc, we have something beyond the dreams of those Tea Party fanatics.
    Wow. This is going to be fun to watch.
    Mad Dog

  4. Today's NY Times has an article: Buck Up Democrats, Fight Like Republicans. The comments section has 2000 odd comments echoing the idea that Democrats simply are passive, hear the other side types who are not warriors. The implication is the more aggressive people win in politics.
    Mad Dog

  5. Democrats are like academics - too thoughtful, too nuanced. The Republicans have sized up the voting public - repeat simple messages: Repeal and Replace, Lock Her Up.. They realize that "you can't fix stupid" but you can get them to vote for you (and, amazingly enough, against their own self interest)