Monday, January 30, 2017

Name Me a Democrat with Balls

How the Republicans have been howling with laughter over Chuck Schumer, "leader" of the Democrats in the Senate tearing up with impotent rage over Trump's Muslim ban. 

Trump himself, off course, could not resist pointing to Schumer as the quintessential Democratic wimp, leader of a party of wimps. 
And, for once, Trump was right.

This is why Trump will win a second term. This is why Trump will succeed. The loyal opposition is simply incapable of anything more than whimpering. 

Look at the Democrats. 
Schumer is not just a weenie, but he's a not at all bright weenie.  How did he ever get to be a Senator from New York, much less the leader of the Democrats? The fact they chose this jellyfish says more than enough about the Democrats.
I love Bernie and he once had enough balls to stand up to Trump and his gang, but he is seventy and tired and not a threat. 
Al Franken has never actually had a rapier wit, and is often reduced to calling people like Rush Limbaugh a  "big, fat, liar." That hardly eviscerates Limbaugh--on the contrary, more evidence of impotence...the eight year old's most emphatic insult.
Steny Hoyer is old now. Chris van Hollan is about as bold as George Plimpton in a snit. 
Barney Frank once had balls, but he became  dissipated  and morbidly obese and he simply ran out of steam.
Where is the thunder from the left? 
When Trump takes "bold" action by banning Muslims and the Democrats respond by simply breaking down in tears, surrounding themselves with women in head scarves who testify they are now officially "scared," do the Democrats not prove Trump's case for him? These Democrats are simply too timid to protect anyone.
He had a pair

Americans are nowhere near as flaccid and helpless as Congressional Democrats. These Democrats are the weepy, helpless girls in the horror movie who cannot stand up and strike a blow but simply cower and curl up into a fetal ball, weeping as the villain  stalks about the room. 
No question about his

I'm ashamed to admit I'm a Democrat, in this company. 
"Oh, do you wet your pants when Donald Trump comes into the room? Does Steve Bannon make you sweat and tremble? If ISIS  attacks will you break down and cry? You're not going to protect anyone by crying." 
Beyond doubt: But another Republican

Tell me, fellow reader, who am I missing among the few Democrats left in the House and the less than 50 in the Senate who has any balls?  Closest I can come is Elizabeth Warren, and that's a sorry state of affairs when the only Democrat with balls has two X chromosomes. I'm all for bold and nervy women, but why do the Democrats' women always have to wear the pants?


  1. Mad Dog,
    Agreed-the loyal Trump opposition shows a remarkable ability to spontaneously mobilize-yet continues to be missing that important, key component-leadership.( Not to mention an eye catching flag, armbands and Statue of Liberty headgear)..

    Right now the motivated, protesting masses making up the opposition are like a runaway, riderless horse that needs to be corralled and saddled in order to succeed. Hopefully somewhere out there is a leader ready to step forward and lead the charge. To your point, one can only pray this leader arrives equipped with balls- literally, figuratively or both..

    What is heartening though, especially on a day that we remember a fighter like Fred Korematsu-is that a great many of our fellow citizens have not forgotten some of the shameful chapters in the not so distant past-like the Japanese internment and our refusal to do more for Jewish refugees during WWII. This long memory seems to be fueling a lot of the commitment to make sure history doesn't repeat itself, but what happens if there is another major terrorist attack here at home? Does that commitment not to discriminate remain as strong and steadfast, or do we leave Fred Korematsu spinning in his grave? That's when a tough leader, as you would say-a "ballsy" one-could make all the difference..

  2. Maud,

    Scrolling through the pictures of the US Senators, it struck me how many Democratic US Senators are women.
    Not that they don't have balls, well, not literally. But where are all the men?

    Mad Dog