Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Popular Vote Vs The People's Will

Sick of all the whining about Hillary Clinton having "won the popular vote." The implication is that the "people" really wanted Hillary, not Trump.

Of course, this presumes we know the mind of the people by counting the votes of those who went to the polls.

The fact is, as we are all aware, voters in "safe states" may not go to the polls because they know how their state is going to go, so voters in South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana who were all for Trump will say, "I'll go hunting" that day, rather than vote. Or a Trump voter in Massachusetts may say, "What's the use?" and go fishing rather than cast a meaningless vote for Trump in a state he's got no hope of winning.

This is all about psychology, not simple counting.  If you throw open the bank vault on Main Street and wait for a day and not a single dollar has been taken from the vault, that doesn't mean people don't want the money. It may have something to do with those two big guards holding their big guns which discouraged people from taking the action and expressing their desire.

When you have the electoral college standing there, it affects the behavior of people, and they may not act on their desire.

Knowing this we have to agree there is no way to know what the majority of our countrymen really wanted.

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