Friday, March 24, 2017

Repeal and Replace Fails: Trump Claims Victory

Got to hand it to President Trump: He said he'd drain the swamp and he did it.
As he said tonight, he has said for the past 18 months Obamacare would implode and everyone would lose health care and it's in its death spiral and now the country is going to get what it deserves for allowing the Democrats to kill the Republican American Healthcare Act.
I mean how can you vote against a bill called the American Healthcare Act?
Maybe they should have called it the "All American Healthcare and Winning Act," but I quibble.
People will die! And they deserve to!  They wouldn't listen to me.

I was wrong. I could not imagine the Republicans would not pass this law after they voted every day for 7 years to repeal it. You just knew that whole time they were crafting their bill, which would provide the world's best medical care to the top 1% and pretty good health care to the top 20% and okay health care to the next 20% and the rest of the population could just die, because, well, they really are so undeserving anyway.
This is more fun than the Trojan war!

Well, it's on to tax cuts, and I got to say, I'm relieved. The tension the past few days has been close to unbearable.  I kept expecting Jim Jordan to tear off his shirt and reveal his wrestling singlet and leap up onto Speaker Ryan's podium and scream, "You want a piece of me?" 

It's his fault
It was reassuring to see Louie Gohmert on camera explaining how the Party has to just go back to fundamentals, like organizing posses to track down dark skinned Mexicans who have slipped across the border President Obama refused to defend, intent on raping white women. Well, who wouldn't want to rape white women? Mr. Gohmert is pretty obsessed about the raping of white women, something which bothers President Trump, too. He keeps bringing up that woman who was raped by a Mexican who shouldn't have been in the country.

Do Black or Hispanic women or any kind of non white women ever get raped? Are white women rape magnets? What is this thing about rape?

But about health care.  Speaker Ryan sighed and said it will be with us in its death spiral for the foreseeable future, which Mr. Trump says will be a short future because Obamacare is in its death throes. 

I want to see more of Jim Jordan. He says he's going to work tonight on another plan.  He's been working on plans for the past 7 years, but tonight he's going to get serious, right after he does 100 push ups and 200 sit ups. 

Now that's what I call preventive care. 

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