Thursday, March 9, 2017

Grand Gestures

Steve Bannon is right about one essential point:  Nobody on the left can figure out why Hillary lost and Donald Trump won.

Some news organizations are trying to figure this out by going to those counties in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan which "flipped" to Trump and asking questions of voters who flipped.

The problem with a country as large as ours is there is rarely just one thing to explain the vote. Usually the winner will claim to know why he won and he'll try to use that to say, "You have to repeal and replace"  because that's what the voters said.  They also said "build a wall" and "ban Muslims" because that's what I said and they voted for me. Of course he also said, "I will give you back your jobs" and "I will make America Great Again." 

So what the voters were responding to remains unclear.

When Donald Trump met with the head of the steam fitters union and the head of some other union in the early days after he moved into the White House and he asked them to send in some guys in hard hats and Carhart jeans, really working men, so he could shake their hands at the White House. And the guys showed up with their union heads and everyone was just so pleased.

How pathetic was that?  Donald wants to show he's the friend of the working man and so he invites them over to the White House. Such a friend. Of course, there are working men and women who are working three jobs, none of which provide health insurance and he is going to cut them off from Obamacare and give them Trumpcare or Ryancare or Swampcare or Rinocare (Republican In Name Only care) or whatever his Repbublican buddies are willing to give them, which is to say, nothing much.

But the mystery remains: How do you undo the pathetic mistake of a President Trump and all his men, including Bannon?

So far the only viable answer has been: We can only sit back and watch Trump fail, and do whatever we can to help him fail, but until the flippers can see they actually made a mistake, there is nothing much to be done about it.

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