Friday, April 7, 2017

John Bolton: Dolt of the Day

John Bolton was on Fox News this morning explaining how we got into such a place with Syria.
It's Obama's fault, of course.
Blame it on the Obama-onva.
He served in the National Guard--an expert in military affairs

Mr. Bolton was Ambassador to the UN under some Republican and has had posts in Republican administrations and he lives just outside Washington, D.C., so whenever Fox needs a hit man to say it's all Obama's fault, he's available.

It seems President Obama "let" Mr. Putin put in airbases in Syria in 2013, and now that the Russians have ensconced themselves in Syria, well, it's just all gone to Hell in a handbasket.

What President Obama should have done when the Russians started building those air bases was...
Well, you know.
Something really effective.
Something bold.
Something manly.

Like what President Trump just did. Calls up the Russians and says, "We are going to precision bomb that air base at Shayrat." So the Russians roll out and the Syrians can't help but notice that, so they hop in their war planes and move them out, all but the six MIG planes in the shop--so the lame planes get blown up.
Trump showed those Syrians. President Assad must be quaking in his Gucci loafers. Oh, Trump is unpredictable. Oh, he is impulsive. He is a wild and crazy guy! Not so impulsive he picked out the "bomb the palace" option from the platter his generals presented him, but he is impulsive in a way the coal miners in Kentucky will like. 
Oh, President Heel Spur is just so fearsome! Eighty-six babies get gassed and he is outraged and takes out six out of service MIG fighters! 

President Putin was not pleased. He says he's not Trump,s best bro no mo. Steel workers in Pennsylvania will be glad to hear that. Pundits on TV are all saying this takes the heat off Trump for his Putin connection during the election campaign. 
Say what?

President Trump knows how to draw a line in the sand.  

I saw that announcement, with the President standing in front of the American flag at Mar-a-largo.  Couldn't help but think President Reagan would have done it better. Peggy Noonan was a better speech writer than whoever Trump has writing his speeches. Or maybe, that's the problem. The same guy who writes his Tweets writes his speeches.  
And Reagan would have gone for a different setting, maybe an American airbase, or even an aircraft carrier, with the wind in his great hair, and the Star Spangled Banner afterwards. (Of course, given the suspicions about President Trump's hair, maybe the aircraft carrier, wind in the hair bit wouldn't be such a great idea.) It's just the idea he's at Mar-a-largo, with booze hounds in the bar, and golf courses as a back drop, sort of detracts from the fearsome warrior image. 
I mean, just the name, "Mar-a-largo."  Doesn't sound all that serious. Sort of like Bali Hai. Sort of evokes images of Polynesian women swaying to ukulele music  in straw skirts with some enormously fat guy singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."  But maybe that's just me.
But I digress. Back to Mr. Bolton.
Mr. Bolton was at Yale Law School with Bill and Hillary Clinton and he never quite got over the fact they became so famous, powerful and rich and he's been marching into Fox studios ever since to show he can be just as famous and influential as the Clinton's.
He knows more than the generals

And President Obama has been just the best target for Mr. Bolton because Obama's Presidency simplified everything. Yes, George W. might have miscalculated a little getting our troops bogged down in Iraq looking for those weapons of mass destruction Mr. Bolton just knew were in the hands of Sadam Hussein. But Obama! Oh, well, just look at the mess he has made.
An all purpose mess.
Why, that gassing of babies--Obama's fault.

And ISIS, well, don't you Obama founded that group with Hillary.
Obama probably had a piece of that child sex trafficking operation Hillary was running out of that pizza place on Connecticut Avenue.
Oh, those two. Just so corrupt.

What Mr. Bolton can't figure out is why President Trump never called him for the Secretary of State post.
Obama probably black balled him.

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