Monday, June 5, 2017

Attack of the Terrorist Zombies

They just keep coming back. They do not announce their reasons. They are not trying to persuade or convert you. They just want to kill you and yours.
Terrorist zombies

So, in London they drive a truck into a crowd of innocents.
In Manchester, England, they set off a bomb as a crowd of pre pubescent girls exit a concert.

And they keep popping up everywhere--from San Bernadino to Boston to Charleston, to the South of France to Paris to  South Carolina, to Virginia Tech to a nightclub in Florida.

They are like Whack a Mole: You knock one down and another pops up somewhere else. What is it with these guys? They are always guys, except for that one in San Bernadino. And there are some suicide bomber women in Middle East bazaars.  But they are mostly men. Can't they just jump off a bridge or step in front of a train? Why do they insist on killing other people?

There really is no way to stop the next attack because in advanced societies you depend every day on people who behave as if they want to live: So people do not drive out of their lanes, and 99.9% of people do not attempt to kill themselves or others by driving on to sidewalks. Just look at traffic hurtling along in Los Angeles and imagine if people were not trying to avoid collisions: It would be demolition derby all day long.

Mr. Trump says the solution is to ban travel.  Ms. May says we are too tolerant of extremists.
Fox News says it's Obama's fault.
No, wait. That was last year. This year it's the fault of the liberal media.
Mr. Trump says it's the fault of the Mayor of London.  Mr. Trump hasn't liked a mayor of London since that mayor named Boris. I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions about that.

Mad Dog says this too shall pass.


  1. Not so sure, Mad Dog. What kind of ideology promotes the random killing of innocent people? To what end? Does such action provide a "pathway to Heaven"? If so, why would those who believe stop?

  2. Anon,
    Well, of course, according to the jihadists, when they stop to explain anything, there are no innocents in Western society, not even children.
    If I have this right, because Palestinian children and Muslim children are being killed daily to feed the economic machine of England, Germany and the US, then it's imperative to kill children in those countries. Got that? Not sure I do. And then, of course, there is the thing that these children are infidels, who have no souls. Haven't gone on lately to check all this. That's what I got from some inchoate sources. I suppose if your mind has got you to the point of strapping on a suicide vest, all this makes sense.
    You do have to shoot rabid dogs. I got to put these human beings in the rabid category.
    Mad Dog

  3. I agree -but then you are back to taking human lives (subject of another blog). I am beginning to understand how the Crusades came to be!