Thursday, June 8, 2017

Reality the Winner: Did the Russians Change the Vote Count?

Okay, I'm just a yokel out here in New Hampshire, but I gotta ask:  If the NSA--anyone at the NSA--knew there was a possibility that Russian agents hacked into the vote counting and tabulation software in the Presidential election, why do we have to hear this through a leak by someone called Reality Winner?

Russian hackers in late October and early November 2016 planted cookies (attractive, uniquely tailored links) into the websites of 122 American city and county clerks responsible for counting ballots in the presidential election. This means that if any employee of those clerks’ offices clicked onto any cookie, the hackers had access to -- and thus the ability to interfere with -- the tabulation of votes. 

Just asking.

I mean, would this not be considered germane? Would the public have no interest in knowing this possibility exists?
Would an aroused public not ask it's government, namely the Congress, to investigate whether the surprise outcome of the election? Despite polling, despite exit polling, showing Hillary Clinton winning-Donald Trump's computer generated numbers made him the  winner.  Could vote counting have been fraudulent?

Would this be of interest? Or only to the NSA?

I'm always suspicious when I hear someone accuse another of some sin or transgression: And Donald Trump was accusing the Democrats of voter fraud before the election and has since the election.

Of course, I am fully aware I'm engaging in the same sort of magical thinking upon which Mr. Trump has ridden into power--you want to believe it, so it's true. But while I'm floating on this cloud of pixie dust--I'll enjoy it. I'll believe there were, in fact, not enough morons, even in the rural parts of Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin to tip the balance in the last election, that it was all a hoax.

Which would mean this country is the country I thought it was, as opposed to the Dogpatch swamp land it looked like November 8th.

Oh, and don't you just love the phrases the government careerists all trot out: Reality Winner placed national security at risk.  She committed espionage.

How, exactly, pray tell, was national security endangered by revealing news of Russian hacking? One might argue the people who were endangering national security were the ones concealing all this.

Burr: Are you confident that no votes cast in the 2016 presidential election were altered?
Comey: I'm confident. By the time when I left as director I had no indication of that whatsoever.
The man is confident.  That is so reassuring.
So, now you know, FOR SURE, the Russians did not affect the final vote count, because a Republican Senator has asked the man who torpedoed Hillary Clinton's campaign last year whether the election results can be trusted and as the Director of the FBI, he ought to know. Shouldn't he?  And he would tell us, FOR SURE, if he did.

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