Monday, August 7, 2017

Democrats Wimp Out in the Game of Thrones

Pray tell, who were those guys with Chuck Schumer talking about a "Better Deal?"
Teddy Roosevelt had the "Square Deal."
Franklin Delano Roosevelt had the "New Deal."
And now, the best we can do is a "Better Deal?"

Oh, well, it's not Trump's deal. It's better. It's not good. It's not inspiring. It won't bring you health care or a job or a chicken in every pot, but then again, do we really want to wring the necks of a million chickens?
It's maybe an okay deal. Or a pretty fair deal. Or a better than nothing deal. Or a sort of pretty good deal. Or, how about a better than the crummy deal you had got.

Sad to say, this is no surprise.
You know how when you got to know your kids' friends, and there was this wimpy little guy with arms like pencils who would make Woody Allen look like Arnold Schwarzenegger by comparison, and when you met his parents at the PTA you knew the kid never had a chance.  HIs parents begat what you would expect them to begat.

Well, that's what it's like when you go to meetings of local Democrats, with some happy exceptions. But, for the most part, the Dems are just such jellyfish.

They ooze displeasure with Trump. They do not explode with it.

We have some forceful, energetic, warrior types, but most of them are older and tired.

Listening to a former United States Senator, now retired, I wondered--in what electoral cycle did this guy ever manage to get elected?  He still thinks of himself as a dreamy guitar playing folk singer whose idea of force is getting teary eyed as he works himself up into a passion about being for the little guy and the common man.

We have meetings where sharp contrasts and incendiary conflicts emerge:  A group of Free State Project people arrive for a presentation by a professional Democrat who makes her career giving presentations about the Free State Project. The presiding officer makes sure there is no real confrontation between her and the FSP people.

A bookclub is organized to read and discuss books like "Dark Money"  which contain enough incendiary material to light any room afire, but a professional "facilitator" is hired to "guide" the discussion with talking points and pre formulated "questions" like the questions at the back of the grade school  textbooks: Compare and contrast the Republicans and the Democrats;  what were the author's themes? How well did the author substantiate her points?
Look around the room and take the pulse of the attendees--if you can find a pulse in any of them.

Where is a Rough Rider when you need him? Where is a leader who can rally the troops in the heat of battle? Where is Phil Sheridan or Richard Winters or Teddy Roosevelt or Martin Luther King or Gloria Steinem or anyone with at least a patina of charisma?

Why is it so difficult to find someone?

I love Bernie, but fact is, he's too old.
We need to pass the torch, but to whom?

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