Thursday, December 7, 2017

Et tu, Bernie? Party of Self Righteous Eunuchs

You all did love him once, not without cause: 
What cause withholds you then to mourn for him? 
O judgement! thou art fled to brutish beasts, 
And men have lost their reason…. Bear with me; 

Ambition should be made of sterner stuff.

--Julius Caesar, Shakes.

Tonight I am ashamed to be called a Democrat.

I search in vain through the internet for detailed testimony on the predations of Al Franken, the testimony from specific women about specific acts and I find only two women mentioned by name, and the grabbing, kissing sounds like lame brained horseplay, but in any event years ago.

Oh, I know. I am well aware.
For if we forgive Al Franken on the basis of time washing clean the wounds, then must we not forgive Roy Moore?

And maybe, the unthinkable, Roy Moore as the sexual predator is not quite as hideous as we want to believe.

And it's what we want to believe that counts.

But oh, the unkindest cut is that driven home by Bernie Sanders. 
We thought we knew you well, but no, ambition stains the brain, liquefies the spine. 
Sanders, for whom I knocked on doors, now knocks down the pillars of respect.

And Elizabeth Warren, who once looked so clear eyed, who dared speak truth to power, now languishes among the malodorous slime, as if to even voice the obvious, that we need not rush to judgment, now dwells with perfidy.

Kirsten Gillabrand, Maggie Hassan, ambitious women, willing to climb over the body toward their next step up. 

Oh, what a sad revelation to see those who have been our hope for salvation are just as dirty and corrupt as those they oppose.

The difference is they fight for the right cause.
Patton, Sheridan, yes even Sherman, were loathsome on occasion, and yet they fought to the right side of history. Eventually we forgave them, for the truth is, the good men and women do does not get buried with their bones, but may live after them. The evil also may survive them in memory, but for some the evil is outweighed by the good.

So it was with Al Franken, but those moral midgets were too frightened to see it. 
This once noble party has become a den of self righteous eunuchs. 


  1. While the GOP embraces a "Pussy grabbing" President and a Pedophile candidate for Senator, Democrats resign because they kissed someone or fondled a flak jacket? How crazy is this?? I absolutely get sexual assault but putting your arm around someone when they ask for a selfie or even an unwanted kiss (who among us has not had this happen) hardly seems like grounds to resign. Women should not be harassed but some of these complaints seem borderline. Certainly the Republicans are not stepping aside for much, much worse. When critical votes come in Congress who will be there to cast them for the Democrats?

  2. Anon,
    What man among us has not been inappropriate at some time during our randy youth? Or even beyond youth. Political correctness goes off the rails when no distinctions are made.
    Mad Dog