Thursday, January 25, 2018

Chris Pappas: Bringing An Olive Branch to the Knife Fight

Last night, the Rockingham County Democrats hosted the first of 7 candidates for the Unites States Congress seat being vacated by Carol Shea Porter.
Such a Nice Boy: Mamma would be proud

The would be Congressman is a 30 something who runs a family restaurant with 230 employees in Manchester, N.H. He went to Manchester public schools, then Harvard.

He gave a very nice stump speech and said all the usual Democratic Party things about the need to end of opioid epidemic by spending more money, the need to embrace immigrants as he has done with his own employees--he has 2 adolescents from Syria--the need to safeguard planned parenthood, the need to protect victims from bullies, the need to sing Kumbaya on a regular basis.

He is a very nice guy; that much is evident. His heart is in the right place.

Questions ensued from the audience of mostly older men and young women.
Someone asked what his bed side book table had on it.
Several made statements about the abuse of women, the abuse of immigrants, the offensiveness of Donald Trump, the need for more money for various victims of Society.

Someone mentioned that whoever the Republican opponent in the Fall, he would likely emphasize the need to build the wall and to protect American womanhood from marauding rapist immigrants and what would he say when he was faced with the thuggish Republican.

"Well," he said gently, "I don't see any point in engaging in food fights."

He said he thought New Hampshire folks were not going to respond to that sort of frat boy, testosterone driven anger.

I thought of canvassing in Kingston, N.H. in 2016 where we saw nothing but Trump signs.

Here are Mad Dog's contrarian views on Democratic shibboleths:
1/ Voter suppression: White guys telling Black folks they cannot vote without passing a literacy test or paying a poll tax is racist disenfranchisement. But if you are not sufficiently politically engaged to get your ass down to register, then maybe you should not be voting. Keep the polls open Friday 6 AM to MN through Sunday MN.

2/ Responding to the opioid crisis: This should be done as part of an overall healthcare for all program. Spending money on feel good ineffective programs is money down the drain.  The programs work only as long as people stay in them. Do it as Portugal did it--legalize and treat in the healthcare system like diabetes or don't do it at all.

3/ Immigration: Acknowledge we cannot have open borders. We could be overwhelmed by Chinese and Indian immigrants alone. We need rules. We got DOCA people and we should amnesty them in, make them citizens. We may have to do this periodically going forward, but we should not criminalize the desire to work hard and become part of our USA club.

4/ Stop being the champion of every victim group which has a board of directors and some sob story. Toughness is not a gravel voice or a jutting jaw, but do not take a step backward and do not back down.

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