Thursday, March 8, 2018

Trump Hammers the Steel Curtain Axis of Evil

Well, they had it coming, those countries who have so unfairly ripped off the United States by cunningly out negotiating American government officials under Obama.

Now Brazil, Japan, South Korea and Turkey will get what's coming to them. You know these are shithole countries and we'll get them good. And India, case in point. Germany, too, which may not be such a SHC, but they have been eating our lunch, when it comes to steel and driving our economy down! That 3% of our steel we get from Germany costs American jobs! Maybe a hundred. Of course, Russia sends us about 9% of all the steel we import and just to show that there's no Russian collusion or connection and that Mr. Putin does not run the government of the USA, we're gonna slap that 20% tariff on them. Call Trump a Putin lapdog? How's that for a dog with a big bite. You know those Russians are just going to smart after that slap.

Of course, Canada and Mexico are the good guys here, so they will not be punished. Well, except for Mexico, which still owes us a wall so we can keep those Mexican rapists where they belong, South of the Border.

Brazil, who even knew? Where do they even find steel in the Amazon? Brazil has all those women in the bikinis walking along those beaches, which President Trump knows all about from the Miss Universe pageant, but who knew? He was scoping out their steel industry all the time.  Is he a cagey guy, or what?

And South Korea. Teach them to talk behind our backs with Rocket Man with the bad haircut.  We'll show them how much they need us. 

It's such a high, seeing somebody finally standing up for America, Making America Great Again and bringing it to all those nasty countries which have been exploiting us so unfairly.

Now if we can get out of NATO, close down NAFTA and withdraw from the United Nations, we'll be back to the good old days when America ruled!


  1. Mad Dog,
    Now that Trump is getting push back from the GOP, one has to wonder how long the steel and aluminum tariff idea will stick..another fine example of the Trump doctrine-"Gotta Keep em Guessing"...a canon that applies to members of his administration and advisers as well..Oh that Donald-he's tricky..

    He and Rocket man meeting for a summit sure is a surreal mental image..They're like two crazy villains who've escaped from a Batman movie..cartoon characters..except they're real-well reportedly anyway..How did the world come to this-is this a sign of the End Days?

  2. Ms. Maud,
    Were it in my power, I would surely hire you to cover this meeting, should it ever take place. I can see the dispatches from Byzantium now.
    We are all slouching toward Bethlehem now.
    Mad Dog