Saturday, June 9, 2018

Trump Draining the European Swamp in Canada

So Donald Trump just tweeted that Canadian Prime Minister is meek and dishonest and that all the G-6 countries we trade with have been cheating us and ripping us off and playing us for fools all these years.

The heads of state from Germany, Japan, England, France were there. Once upon a time the United States came to the rescue of England and France. After that war, it in a very real sense, came to the rescue of Germany, with the Marshal Plan.  The USA treated Japan more or less magnanimously after the war.

Now we need these countries to return the favor.  If they had any guts and if they could see their own interests, could they not ban together and apply the right tariffs to make Trumpland really hurt?

Whatever it is the USA exports to Europe and Japan, could they not squeezes down on all that in districts which voted for Trump?

Those Japanese car companies which have opened factories in Kentucky and South Carolina and all across the un Unionized South, could the Japanese government not shut them down for a couple of years?

Wouldn't the Trump chumps, dumb as they are, eventually notice?

Mercedes: Vance, Alabama
Volkswagan: Chattanooga, Tennessee
BMW: Spartansburg, South Carolina
Honda:  Lincoln, Alabama, Marysville, Ohio 
Toyota: Georgetown, Kentucky, Princeton, Indiana
Nissan: Smyma, Tennessee
Isuzu: Moraine, Ohio

NB: All these states voted for Trump


  1. As those of us surrounded by Trump supporters well know: "You Can't Fix Stupid"!! They are slow learners, cannot see a step in front of themselves, and are always awaiting a savior. The only thing they seem to be able to learn from is pain - which will have to be inflicted upon them so they finally understand what is happening to them. So - cost them their jobs, let them lose their health care and government support. Trump told them what he would do - they just could not grasp the consequences. When they realize that they personally are NOT winning, maybe they will vote a little smarter next time - or at least stay home drinking and not vote. Perhaps they will even come to see that elections have consequences (although that might be hoping for too much).
    Also, are you not amused that the only Republicans with the cajonies to speak up against Trump are the ones who are not running for re-election (Corker, Flake, McCain). The others must know the truth but are too weak to speak out - what a bunch of wimps and hypocrites these Republicans are!!

  2. The NY Times has an article today about the coming Red Wave in the 2018 elections. Christopher Buskirk, publisher of "American Greatness" says Trump continues to appeal to all those who distrust authority and feel those in power from both parties are self serving and as Trump voters they are the Proud to Be American Americans. The first choice Democrats have to make is whether to write these folks off and just go after their own base.
    Mad Dog

  3. The Republicans will punish their own base with their policies on trade and health care - just hope the effects are sufficiently painful before the mid-terms. In the meantime the Democrats need to develop some compelling centerist candidates. Bernie and Elizabeth do not have sufficiently wide appeal to energize the Democratic voters.