Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Michele Bachmann, Farm Socialist

I'm happy to report that darling of the Tea Party, vanquisher of all things socialist, Grand Inquistor of creeping socialism, and representative of the hardy people of Minnesota, Michele Bachmann, has been sucking at the government teat, the biggest nipple of them all, actually, the farm subsidy program, to the tune of $250,000.00. These payments have occured over years.

Ms. Bachmann tells us President Obama is a creepy Islamofascist, determined to convert our fair capitalist nation into a government run collective and all the while, she takes the government dole.

Of course, farm subsidies pose a far bigger problem than simply revealing Ms. Bachmann for what she clearly is.

 We pay farmers to grow the wrong crops: corn, soy, alfalpha, and we subsidize ogres like Monstano and their patented genes to reduce the diversity of our crops, making us sitting ducks for the next micro organism which develops a taste for the one or two varieties of plant in our fields. It's a case of unintended consequences, of which Ms. Bacmann is more than happy to avail herself.

Some CEO's take a dollar a year salary, after they've made millions for years, when things turn sour for their company, or when embarrassing issues arise. They say, Hey, the principle of the thing matters more to me at this point, because I'm rich enough to be able to afford my principles.

Not so with Ms. Bachmann.

So that fine example of moral rectitude and conservative purity, that soul mate of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, who extol her daily, is, in fact, happy to be paid by the government she abhors.

Government handouts for welfare queens, government pensions, Medicare, Social Security all ananthemas for Ms. Bachmann.

Well, who is the welfare queen now? I guess, if you are a corporate welfare queen, that doesn't count. Certainly, if you are a Federal employee (as is Ms. Bachmann) getting a government hand out, well, that doesn't count either.

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