Friday, June 10, 2011

Republican Road Rage

Someone tried to run my wife off Route 95 today because her car had an Obama bumper sticker. Actually, two Obama bumper stickers, one from 2008 and she's already got an Obama 2012. I don't know where she got that.

The driver and his passenger flashed her a finger, and she noted a sticker on the bumper which said, "How's that Obama thing working out for you?" Vermont plates, headed into Maine.

The two men in the car were big, fat guys, wedged into a small car, an Escort maybe, so they had to contort themselves to manage to get their hands up and express their antipathy.

Now here's the question: Does that ever happen to people with Palin bumper stickers? I mean, do Obama partisans go around giving Palin partisans the finger?

Maybe I'm biased--okay, I am definitely biased--but I think not.

If not, why not?

Because, I have to believe, the people who love Palin and Rush and Glenn and all those who travel with them are, in the main, resentful. They are angry.

I'm not sure they really know, specifically, who or what they are angry at. Well, maybe who: Obama. He's the boogey man.

But what? Well, they are angry about being decent, hard working, good, God fearing people, who just want to raise their kids right and kick back and drink beer and eat pizza on Friday nights, and Obama wants to take half (or more) of what they earn and give it to the undeserving, lazy, Welfare Queens and unmarried mothers and he wants to take away their guns, and he wants to make the country multilingual and he wants to send those black helicopters around to do who-knows-what.

So, they are justified in running women driving cars with Obama stickers right off the road.

What I'd like to meet, just once, is the New Hampshire Republican my Democratic neighbor was referring to when she said, "New Hampshire Republicans are different. They are not assholes." 

I was semi-shocked by that pungent word coming from a very prim and proper lady, but she was trying to make a point about New Hampshire exceptionalism. I think she was making a case for why national candidates should be vetted through the New Hampshire primary process. She was saying, "We are more reasonable and dispassionate, up here. We have a chance to assess the character of the men and women who want to live in the White House. We can do it at close quarters and look them in the eye."

We are, on both sides of the divide, pretty decent people here in New Hampshire.

But I'm not so sure this is still true, if it ever was.

I think of those guys driving down the road in New Hampshire running my wife off the road.

On the other hand, the car did have Vermont plates.

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  1. I found your blog because I just saw a road rage news clip on Yahoo which talked about who was most likely to have it, filtered by car type, color, age and gender.

    I was wondering if there was any research about road rage by party affiliation, because I have noticed how many cars sporting Republican bumper stickers seem more likely not to use their turn signals when changing lanes!