Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Frank Guinta, of New Hampshire, voted with fellow House of Representatives Republicans to kill Medicare and Social Security, a bill called Cut Cap Balance. As Chris Hollen, Representative of Maryland, explained, what the Republicans say they have done is to pass a law to cut the deficit and to lock this into the Constitution with a balanced budget amendment, all of which sounds lovely, but what they have actually done, when you look at the actual details, where the devil so often lies, is to fix the level of spending on Medicare and Social Security to a percentage of the budget which is below anything these programs have ever cost since their inception.

So what they really did was to vote to kill these programs under the guise of "reforming" the budget process.

Even the Republicans are smart enough to know the people love Medicare and Social Security, so the Republicans are afraid to say, "We are killing Medicare and Social Security," they simply slip through a law which cuts the funding so drastically it has the effect of eliminating (defunding) the programs.

When Paul Ryan was foolish enough to speak plainly and say he wanted to convert Medicare to Coupon care, to a voucher program for an annual payment of $6000 which would cover about the first 5 minutes of your ordinary bypass surgery, the Republicans were inundated with phone calls from angry constituents and they ran for cover.

Now, they've figured out a way to kill the program by strangling off its oxygen--money, and call it a reform.

Oh, we have to do this, the Republicans say, because of this horrible deficit, a deficit which will bring the government down.

But when the Democrats say, "Well, if it's the deficit you're worried about why not just tax millionaires, raise their taxes back to where they were before the Bush tax cuts?" The Republicans look over their shoulders at the Tea Party and they say, "Oh, we can't do that. We cannot raise anyone's taxes."

Now they are talking about "Revenue Enhancements," which is what, exactly?

Are "Revenue Enhancements" not taxes?

Do the Republicans really think they are fooling anyone?

They cannot even bring themselves to say the word, "Taxes."

That's how sick they are.

But, fortunately, they can rely on the citizens of New Hampshire. When I did an informal survey in my own office, right here in New Hampshire, not a single one of my coworkers knew who John Boehner, Mitch McConnell or Paul Ryan were. Only one had ever heard tell of the deficit. "Which deficit?" one asked.

Our citizens are out of touch, disconnected, uninterested, apathetic.

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty one of our founding fathers said.

Even temporary vigilance is nowhere to be seen in New Hampshire.

Should we really be the voters choosing our next President in the first primary in the nation?

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