Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Guinta and Ayotte Show: Let Them Eat Cake

Congressman Guinta, representing the First District of New Hampshire got out of Washington yesterday. So did Senator Ayotte.

They left town without voting money to fund the FAA, and that means the Federal Treasury is losing more every three days than it would take to fund the FAA for an entire year.

Their failure to vote FAA funding will cost, literally, billions, before September. The airlines, bless them, will pocket the cash, which, given the hard times the airlines have add, may not be such a bad thing, but if you are worried about the federal budget or the deficit or the jobs of all those construction workers who would have ha d work building control towers and what not, you would want to do your job and vote for the FAA funding.

But for Mr. Guinta and Ms. Ayotte, well, they get paid whether or not they do their jobs.

Or maybe they just refuse to vote for any bill which has taxes (even airplane ticket taxes) in it, even if that tax not being collected simply means the money goes into a different account (the airline companies' account) but it certainly does not save the individual flier or the greater public on cent.

So have a nice summer, Mr. Guinta and Ms. Ayotte. We'll look forward to reading your how I spent my summer essay in September.

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