Friday, August 5, 2011

Republican Anarchists

When you get right down to the core beliefs of the Tea Party and Ron Paul, and even Rush/Glenn/Sean, the essential element is not just anti government but anti social.

They are the evolved "Off the grid" people. They hate the idea the idea no man is an island. They hate the idea anything has been given to them. They insist they are completely self made, sprung forth in adult form having never had any nurturing from a greater society.

Maybe they had trouble with their mothers.

Sartre said, "L'enver est les autres,"--Hell, is other people. And Rand and Ron Paul, Sarah Palin, Rush/Glenn/Sean, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, the whole lot of them, much as they may deny it, really do, on some level, believe this. They are the acolytes of that lyric, "The Lord above made man to help his neighbors, no matter where on land or sea or foam, but, with a little bit o' luck, when he comes around, you won't be home."

They are not at all worried about one percent of the nation's people owning 70% of the entire wealth of the nation. Those rich owners, after all, deserve their success. They earned it. They played the game by the rules and got rich, because they were brave enough to take risks and smart enough to see opportunities and nimble enough to act. And those other 80%, well, they just haven't worked hard enough. Those non owners are undeserving, just like all those free loading types who depend on Medicare and Social Security and other government hand outs.

You can hear these deep thoughts expressed as they ride down the roads built by government (of course, those roads could have been built better by private companies) in their tax deductible company Mercedes, on their way to their offices at the oil company, or the towers they inherited from their fathers.

Their saint is Ronald Reagan, who thought the only legitimate business of government is the national defense, and while he busily tripled our national deficit with his trickle down economics, he sowed the seeds of out sourcing much of the national defense to McDonald's and Halburton, in the great tradition of war profit erring dating back to at least the Civil War.

So Donald Trump worked hard for all he got, and so did all the other rich.

And why should we build roads for the undeserving public, or run an air traffic control system for the paying but ungrateful public, or have a Coast Guard to rescue idiotic fishermen who do not work for conglomerates but own their own boats and really do live by the work of their own hands, or pay for health care for the elderly--what do we need elderly for anyway?

And really, what about veterans? I mean if they were more industrious, those former soldiers, sailors and airmen could have been working for big companies, but no, it was "Join the Army if you fail," and they got blown to pieces, so they deserve it. Why should I be taxed to help those losers?

Why should we help anybody who won't pay us to help them?

What do we need a government for, anyway?

All we need is our family, our church and our chosen friends (at the country club.)

As Sonny Corleone said in one of those Godfather films: "Why would you want to fight for strangers?"

That's what we Republicans believe: There's just us and everyone else is a stranger.

When you think about it, it really is unfathomable, this idea of patriotism, of sacrificing yourself, or more difficult, your children for an idea--the idea of country. And none of these Republicans really like other people. They hold most other people in contempt.

Contempt. That's what is dripping from the lips of Rush Limbaugh every day. Contempt for his fellow citizens. And contempt is really just one form of hate.

Sad to say, Republicans have become the party of hate. Comp tempt and hate.

President Obama doesn't want to admit this to himself. He wants to think we have decent human beings in the opposition party with whom you can reason.

He is wrong.

How long would the Republican party, any of them, Ron Paul, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Mitch McConnell last in a British parliamentary system, where they had to answer questions, debate in a back and forth. What the Republicans depend upon is being able to rant and rave uninterrupted with nobody questioning their premises. That's Rush in a nutshell--nobody is allowed to question him.

Because if you start asking them questions, if you start challenging them--e.g., well you say we must live within our means; then why not improve our means with taxes?--when you do that, they are exposed for the frauds they are. And they cannot take that chance.

Republicans are not about all of us. They are about only some of us.

That's where the Republicans would take us: Back to the 13th century and a world of tribalism.


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