Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wealth Re Distribution, Republican Style

This is a pretty dim photograph of a very vivid pie chart from Paul Solman's Public Broadcasting System website, (Google Paul Solman, PBS, Wealth Distribution).

But it's clear enough. The Yellow part of the pie is the wealth owned by the top 20% of Americans. The Blue slice is the wealth owned by the next most wealthy 20% and the Red and Orange slices show the wealth owned by the next three quintiels, i.e. the lower 60% of the country.

Even with the dim graphics, the effects of the Bush Tax Cuts which the Tea Party and the rest of the Republicans are so eager to preserve and defend are starkly visible.

See that tiny little wedge of the pie owned by 60% of our population? Not easy.

This is what the rich get richer plan of Republican voracity has got us.

Is there a more brutally honest way of seeing what these sanctimonious Americans have wrought?

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