Saturday, January 14, 2012

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Okay, Okay, I admit it. I am only minimally conversant with 21st century social networking, interneting and blogging.

Invoking the image of speaking to nobody at Hyde Park Speaker's corner, I closed this blog in November.

I had no reason to believe this was an action anyone noted.

But, suffering from a congenital syndrome of verbal incontinence, I let loose two subsequent screeds, and, mysteriously, I got emails saying, "Glad you are back." Multiple emails. Some from, Australia. (Go figure.)

There is probably a way of knowing how many people actually click on and read this blog, but I have never figured it out. All I know is despite the lack of "members" or comments, apparently, the number is not zero.

This sounds like a scene from "Contact." Even one contact can sometimes make a difference.

Reminds me of the famous story of the comic who wrote Groucho Marx letters, daily, for years. Never a reply. Eventually, he became a fairly successful comic--Buddy Hackett. One day he sees Groucho in a restaurant and summons up the nerve to go over to his table and blurts, out: "Mr. Marx. I'm a huge fan. I've learned so much from you. My name is Buddy Hackett."

Groucho looks at him for a moment and says, "So why'd you stop writing?"

Any way, I will keep postings short. One thing which I learned during my vow of silence is, there really is no shortage of political commentary and one voice is never missed from the chorus. There are some, like Stephen Colbert, who are really different and inventive. I'm not in that elite stratum. But U.S. Grant did some valuable things, not through brilliance but with persistence. I can aspire to that.

Today's simply is to suggest a modest proposal: Let's spend a little cash to print flags, T-shirts and hats with the American Pie graph shown above. Let us make it our T Party reply.

We will have to think about the label: Republican Pie. Or maybe, American Pie, Republican Division Technique. Or maybe, Republican Pie, Divide and Conquer. Or, Republicans: Let Them Eat Pie.

That's the first contest. Suggestions will be accepted.

The next is what to name the Splinter faction; Democrat 99 percenters. Or, American Pie Party. Or, Bong Hits for Billionaires. Just a few to get you thinking.

Mr. Romney calls this the politics of envy.

I call it class defense. His class has been torpedoes and full steam ahead, sink the rest of us.

The rich accused FDR of class warfare. It always is class warfare when you want to tax the rich, or change the rules so they do not automatically win.


  1. So what happened with your telephonic conference with VP Joe Biden?

  2. Oh, that!
    So, eventually, I thought about it and I realized I could just go out on my roof and shout out my opinions and that would have about as much effect as my going to somebody's house where they had Joe Biden on the TV talking to all the Democratic Party house parties in New Hampshire.

    The more I thought about it, the more I realized, this was not likely going to be a two way conversation--it was going to be Mr. Biden giving everyone a pep talk.

    There are some people who you think, I'd like to have a beer or coffee with that guy. And you think this because you figure he might listen to what you say and maybe change his opinion, or your own. Mr. Biden does not strike me as one of those people. Barney Frank, yes. Joe Biden, no.

    Barack Obama, yes.
    Rick Perry, no.

    Maybe even Al Sharpton. Have you seen his ad about the blueberry pie? This is a masterful effort. If the Dems can do more of this, we might have a chance in November.