Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Status Quo Election

Good Ol' boys in a Southern courtroom. They lynched a Nigra, and they know the jury is laughing with them. They fought for the status quo.

One Republican after another is trotting out the line, "This is a status quo election."
They must have decided they liked the sound of that during one of those meetings at the K Street office of Grover Norquist, where they sit around and try out phrases on one another, all smug faced and smirking.

Jim DeMint says, "The President says he as a mandate. He has no mandate, this was a status quo election." Of course Jim DeMint also said, "If someone is openly homosexual or if an unmarried woman sleeps with her boyfriend, then that person shouldn't be allowed in the classroom." That is a very status quo type remark. (Status quo for say, 1950.) 

Of course, from the point of view of the radical right Tea Party Republican party, this status quo thing is a good outcome: No change.  They might want to take us back to the eighteenth century, but no change will do.

As far as Mad Dog is concerned: Give me more status quo elections in which Democrats increase their numbers in the Senate and defeat most of the Tea Party candidates nation wide and put a wonderful Democrat in the White House. Mad Dog likes the status quo, too.

So let's just try that chorus from Grover's office one more time:  We have a deficit. We have to fix it. We have to fix it by cutting spending. We will not increase taxes on the job creators in the upper 2%. We must cut spending. Spending is bad. Spending on the undeserving poor and the feckless jobless is bad. Let us cut spending. Let us shrink government to the size we can drown it in our bathtub. Cutting spending means eliminating public education. Public schools are simply indoctrination camps which inculcate socialistic values in our impressionable youth.  Government is bad. Grover Norquist is good.

Jim Demint is good. He is smart, too. His idea of public service is to serve until he gets a better offer. He is leaving his Senate seat which pays $174,000 a year for a job with the Heritage Foundation which pays $1.7 million a year. He is very smart.
 Ayn Rand would approve.


  1. Mad Dog,
    Yes I agree the status quo is just fine!
    My cousin sent me a link to a British lecture on climate change called "The Emperor's New Clothes"-I think you would find it interesting. Just an FYI, it is almost an hour long so you'd have to plan accordingly-I've seen half thus far and do plan to watch the rest,it was informative. The link is :

    I watched the two videos you had links to on strip searches. I think you had mentioned you weren't sure if the first was legitimate-I don't think it was, but the ACLU training tape was really disturbing and other clips that came up along with it regarding strip searches were also pretty bad. The general public has no idea they could ever be subject to such a thing- I would never have known if you hadn't written about it-most people undoubtedly assume this inhumane treatment is reserved for hardened criminals(which still doesn't make it right) not someone arrested for a traffic violation. I still can't believe the Supreme Court heard all the evidence and then voted to keep this part of the law of the land-it's disgraceful.

  2. Maud,

    Ah, you can still be shocked.
    Welcome to the land of the free, home of the brave... and the depraved. Thus were it ever so.
    I'm glad the links worked. I'm terrible at linking.
    Will try the Brit talk link.
    Are the Brits actually smarter, or is it just the accent?

    Mad Dog

  3. Mad Dog,
    I'm not sure...

  4. Maud,

    Okay, I linked up to the Cabot lecture. He's speaking at a British university, but he sounds like an Aussie to me. No matter. What he outlines is pretty bleak. Perhaps we can convince Africa and China and South America to just stay quaintly bleak and undeveloped.
    What this means to me is maybe moving from the tropics--latitude 40 degrees to latitude 45 degrees was not such a bad move, even if it did land me next to a nuclear plant with disintegrating concrete. We'll be growing palm trees in New Hampshire to replace our dying birch trees.

    Mad Dog