Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Peter King, Krauthammer and Republican Bile

Peter King, R-NY

Dr. Krauthammer
McConnell, R-Ky

Nick Anderson, Houston Chronicle

Representative Peter King, of New York was livid. The House of Representatives is where the money bills have to come from, and his state was promised money to help rebuild from the devastation of hurricane Sandy. But the House of Representatives, still captive to the Republican Tea Party has refused to provide promised relief. Congressman King sputtered: "They can find New York when they need campaign contributions, but when New York needs them:  Drop dead. I would not contribute another cent to Republican candidates."  
That got the attention of the Republicans. They did not vote through the bill, but they called in Mr. King and promised to vote this week and send New York its money. 

Thus is it ever so, the Republicans are against government, which is to say, they are against taxing and spending, until they need government: Then they are self righteous.

Another face of the 21st century Republican party: Charles Krauthammer, expostulated that Hiliary Clinton's failure to appear before a congressional investigating committee was malingering, was "Benghazi allergy" had Rush Limbaugh and all his dittoheads smirking and cat calling. They loved it in Limbaughland. Hiliary is a' fraidy cat. Won't come out and testify.  Hiding behind a phony injury.

Ms. Clinton, meanwhile,  has an MRI which shows a clot in the transverse sinus, an injury which can be lethal, and requires anticoagulation in hospital.

Does Dr. Krauthammer (MD, Harvard Medical School) or Mr. Limbaugh, (no academic degree of any sort) have decency to say, "Oh, well, sorry about that?"

This is the nature of the men on the other side of the aisle. From Eric Cantor, to John Boehner, to Mitch McConnell, to John Kyle down to the last drawling good ol' boys from Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina to Texas to Arizona, these are the vile boys. These are the Sheriff Arpaio crowd, for whom Kelly Ayotte has expressed her affection, with whom she votes in lock step, whose backing she covets for her national ambitions.

We have seen this sort of nastiness over the course of this nation's history. Certainly, the men who snarled across the aisle from Thaddeus Stevens were no different. These embittered men, hate dripping from their lips, were outraged at the idea of black men voting, women voting, a multiracial society in which white men would have to compete with women, blacks, Hispanics, Asians. 

It frightened them to think what might happen, if their white sons had to compete with other people.

So how do we deal with people like this? We are not going to change them. 
We can only expose them. 
Sunlight, a powerful disinfectant. 

When Martin Luther King described George Wallace, standing on the school steps, "Hate dripping from his lips," it was a powerful image, an image we had seen on TV and the power began to drain away from Wallace and his racist throng. When TV cameras caught images of fat, white policemen, with dogs, beating black men and women and dragging them down the streets of Selma, revulsion set in, not in Selma, but everywhere from the hamlets of New Hampshire, to the beach towns of California, and things began to change. 

The best we can do is to show these Republicans for what they are. Jon Stewart does some of this, every night. Steven Colbert lampoons them. But we need to do more.  We need to show Republicans, Fox News Republicans, Congressional Republicans, Tea Party Republicans, and yes, even Blue Dog Democrats, to the nation.

We need to quote them, show them, put their images before the nation.

Then, and only then, will the tide turn.


  1. Mad Dog,
    I think they did a fine job of exposing themselves as the dogmatic, self-centered nitwits they truly are. How fitting for it to be King and Christie voicing the outrage-that should keep it in the public memory a little longer. As for Boehner, could he have looked any more ridiculous today getting so emotional over his own fortunes after turning a blind eye to the victims of Sandy? Talking about bad taste-it was wonderful.

    It was a relief to see Hillary leave the hospital yesterday. That was a scary situation-well scary to normal folk which of course would exclude Rush and his bile guzzling fans.I'd say overall a bad week for the opposition wouldn't you...

  2. Maud,

    Yes, to look at it, you'd say, these guys should be very embarrassed and dispirited, but the trouble with having these guys as an opponent is you can beat them 63 to nothing and they still strut around as if they've won. The one thing they will never do is give you the satisfaction of saying, "Ye Gads, we got shellacked. We ought to think again."

    Mad Dog