Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tar and Feather The Tax Man

Don't we all hate the tax man?
But we want our exemptions from the tax man, because we hate the tax.
 And Congress, having wrought an exemption to taxation based on the simple premise that if an organization does "education" 51% of the time and politics only 49% of the time, oh, Congress bears no blame at all for the mess which ensues.

Remember those shrimp fishermen along the Gulf of Mexico who faced the loss of an entire season's income when BP fouled the Gulf waters?  So President Obama sends a man down from Washington to hand out money to compensate the fishermen for their losses.  And the man from Washington says, "Okay, it's this simple. We will give you the same number of dollars you made last year. Just bring in your income tax forms so we can get the number of dollars from that record and we can cut you a check tomorrow.

Problem was, lot of these fisherman never paid any friggin income tax. Never filed. No records of what these guys made because everything they made was under the table, off the books, untaxed, unseen, unrecorded.  

Since they never paid the government a thing, they were in a pickle when it came time for the government to help them. 

They didn't want anything to do with the government, until it came time for the government to send money their way.

Well, all those thousands of  Tea Party groups were all anti tax and antigovernment, until it came time for claiming their exemptions, so they could keep their donor lists secret, so they could get foundation money, so they could suck on the teats of all those organizations tax exempt status would confer.

And now Michele Bachmann is saying conservatives will be targeted for death by the IRS operating through Obamacare.

Can the black helicopters be far behind?


  1. The BP oil spill really was an eye opener. Should have worked the way you indicate but, somehow, even though they had no tax returns, these guys ended up getting paid out anyway - they really should have gone to jail!

  2. Anon--
    Can't do that. This America, man.

    Mad Dog