Friday, May 24, 2013

Kelly Ayotte: The Company She Keeps

New Hampshire has sent to Washington, D.C. one of the most right wing Tea Party Republicans in the Senate, in the country, for that matter.

As a state, New Hampshire has sent Daniel Webster to the Senate, has sent regiments to fight for the Union and against slavery during the Civil War. New Hampshire has much to be proud of. Kelly Ayotte is a blight on the bright fabric of New Hampshire history.

She appears with Lindsey Graham and John McCain frequently because she is, philosophically, aligned with them. She has endorsed Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the neo Nazi goon of Maricopa County, Arizona, who believes in humiliating and torturing anyone arrested in his county before, not after they have had the benefit of trial. He also believes in rounding up any darkies who look Mexican to his eyes and throwing them into jail until they can prove they are proper American citizens. And Kelly loves the guy. 

Listen to Kelly and you can hear the rhythms and melodies and phrases and concepts of Rush Limbaugh. She is of the same cloth.

She will run for re election in 2016. We must begin now to work toward expunging this stain from Washington.

Mad Dog developed a series of puppet skits based on what New Hampshire Republicans had said in the State House, which he had hoped to develop into videos posted on youtube. But, fun as this undertaking was, time ran out before they could hit the internet. The election was won without help from Mad Dog's puppets.

Once again, it is time to develop this program and Mad Dog needs help--technical help with the filming, performance help with the puppets and voices.  

Mad Dog wants you for the effort. Sign up now!  Either here or at the Hamptondems website. If we are  to be there in 2016, we need to be here now.


  1. Mad Dog,
    I'm pretty lacking in the technical department and haven't done much with puppets over the years, but I do really want to see Kelly Ayotte out, so if I can be of any use sign me up.

    1. Maud,

      Thank you.
      During the election, Mad Dog tried to get this off the ground and discovered the problem with creative folks and nerds--it makes herding cats look like close order drill. Mad Dog was left with lots of great scripts and puppets but no parade.
      Hope springs eternal. Mad Dog will keep you posted.