Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kelly Ayotte: What a Peach

Don't you just want to hug her?

Doesn't she look cute? Mad Dog can see her as the girl next door, mowing the lawn, taking her little brother to his soccer games and doing the pep team thing.

But she is Senator for the state of New Hampshire now  and Senator Ayotte voted against background checks for gun buyers.

Ms. Ayotte says she does not think the evidence is conclusive, for human activities being responsible for global warming. Mad Dog has to agree. It is rare scientific evidence is ever "conclusive." Beyond the idea the heart pumps blood to the brain, there are not all that many examples of received truth in science.

Senator Ayotte opposed the confirmation of Justice Elena Kagan, saying Justice Kagan was "unqualified," because she held some liberal opinions.

Ms. Ayotte opposes same sex marriage saying, "I absolutely support  marriage as between a man and a woman."  Now there is a bold position. She is for marriage. Next week she'll come out for apple pie. Can a big stand on motherhood be far behind?

Mad Dog, of course, is disappointed in this marriage stance. Mad Dog, personally, does not support homosexual marriage because he does not support heterosexual marriage. Mad Dog thinks the government has no business getting involved in marriage. 

While she opposes government spending, on principle, Ms. Ayotte wound up costing the state of New Hampshire $300,000 by fighting Planned Parenthood over the Parental Notification Act all the way to the Supreme Court of New Hampshire and a Federal District Court judge ordered New Hampshire to pay Planned Parenthood for attorney fees and court costs because Ms. Ayotte's case was so clearly ill founded, noting that every level of court found against her, for good reasons she refused to accept.

Mark Connolly
But none of this would make Ms. Ayotte particularly notable as a Tea Party zealot. What really raises Ms. Ayotte's star rise above the rest is her refusal to pursue or prosecute the miscreants who stole $100 million dollars from unfortunate New Hampshire Investors in a Ponzi scheme called Financial Resources Mortgage (FRM). 
As Mark Connolly, who was a state official heading a board of review, has documented in detail in his book, Cover Up, Ms. Ayotte was so determined to say nothing about this fraud her silence became more than suspicious.  When the crime was exposed Ms. Ayotte insisted she knew nothing, should have known nothing and had nothing to do with anything. After all, she was merely Attorney General of the State of New Hampshire, and she had ignored all the complaints pouring into her office because nobody had pinned her against a wall and shouted in her face. She blamed every other conceivable state agency and organization. But her hands were clean and pure as the driven snow.

Mr. Connolly is not a lawyer, he is careful to say. When asked whether or not Ms. Ayotte could be considered an "accessory after the fact" in the case of FRM, he looks down at his shoe tops and murmurs, "Well, I'm not a lawyer, as I've said."

Ms. Ayotte, of course, is hot on the trail of culpability in the Benghazi attack, looking for guilt anywhere she can find it. She is relentless in her investigation of the alleged linkage between IRS agents and agents of Obamacare to murder conservatives in their hospital beds.  That linkage was first exposed by, of course, Michele Bachmann.

We can feel for Ms. Ayotte because Michele Bachmann, her Doppelganger, has decided to leave Congress. Ms. Ayotte must feel bereft. How many fine afternoons she spent with Ms. Bachmann down at the K Street office of Grover Norquist, munching caramel covered apples and telling tales of their girlhood adventures. Ms. Bachmann regaled all with stories of time on the kibbutz in her wild youth, when she wore those shorts which make all the kibbutz girls look so fetching, and Ms. Ayotte told her own tales about working for an enviornmental law agency. Can you imagine? 

Well, both women tried things in their youth and they learned their lessons without compromising their core values.

So many of Ms. Ayotte's friends are looking for joy outside Washington.  Joe Arpaio, the self proclaimed toughest sheriff in America, an old buddy, is staying in Arizona, for now, looking for illegal alien wetbacks among the cactus. Rush Limbaugh is making too much money on radio to join Ms. Ayotte in the Senate. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) still ask her to their offices for pulled pork sandwiches, but she has been so busy flying back to New Hampshire to deny her vote on the gun background check bill, she doesn't have  time for lunch anymore.

We really have to do something for Kelly. Maybe, we should bring her home from Washington. Everyone would feel better.


  1. I really hope she stays - she keeps you from getting too sanctimonious about how good things are in NH (usually accompanied by the trashing of one or more southern states). There are poorly informed voters everywhere and, unfortunately, often enough to elect these sorts of politicians. Enjoy Ms Ayotte - she is your Lindsey Graham!

  2. Anon,

    Well, Mad Dog do stray into sanctimony, it is true.
    Mad Dog hastens to point out he exempts North Carolina, Virginia, parts of Florida, suburban Atlanta, New Orleans and Nashville from his list of really undesirable places.
    Some of Mad Dog's best friends have come from the South, refugees, one might say. They were always the most fun in New York City. The individuals from Mississippi, Kansas and southern Virginia were there because they wanted to be, having grown up in places it was good to be from, and loving the contrast in the Big Apple.

    Mad Dog

  3. Mad Dog,
    I agree, we need to bring home the little storm trooper for the right for some much needed rest-all that backpedaling can be so draining. Once she's had a chance to relax perhaps she can reunite with Michelle B. for a little road trip. Shelley and Kelly-a Tea Party version of Thelma and Louise-crisscrossing the country uncovering evil liberal plots to destroy democracy-one town at a time. It has reality show written all over it--I'd tune in....

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  5. Gail Collins, as usual, has surpassed Mad Dog in uncovering the essence of the theater of the absurd which is Washington, DC in the time of the Tea Party. Ms. Bachmann was the author of the Freedom to Choose Your Own Light Bulb Act, which, mercifully, did not become law.
    Perhaps we ought to take up a collection for the convertible in which Kelly and Michele can do their tour.
    Jonson228 may be referring to Mr. Tim Cook's testimony about how Apple has followed the spirit of the law in avoiding taxes by finding a shelter in Ireland, the subject of a prior post.

    Mad Dog