Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ted Cruz, Family Man

Other People's Children

Commandant at Home with wife, child and dog
Auschwitz Guards' Families Enjoying Their Time at the Camp

Commandant's children
He's nice to his dog. Not so much to people. 

Oh, how I love Green Eggs and Ham And I'm Nice to My Dog

Watching the Ted Cruz show on CNN last night Mad Dog was struck by how much time Mr. Cruz spent establishing his Family Man credentials, the long homilies about how much he loves his little daughters, right down to reading Green Eggs and Ham to them from the podium, because, in the interests of serving his nation, he could not be home with his daughters to read them their bedtime story.

It pulled at the heart strings, really did.

What a nice man. He loves his little daughters.
Of course, he doesn't care a whit for the daughters who will be denied health insurance, or for their parents, across the land, if he gets his way.

It reminds me of the book by Piotr Setkiewicz, Private Life of the SS in Auschwitz, in which he related story after story about the split between what the commandants and guards at the concentration camps did at work and how they became doting, engaged parents once they walked across their own thresholds at home.
Typical was the commandant who would beat prisoners to death and then go home, in a fresh uniform, and play hide and seek with his children.

Others were very indulgent with their dogs, and yet they murdered human beings at work mercilessly.

It is almost the "protest too much" aspect of the proclamation of paternal love. Somewhere, deep down in the dark recesses of his heart and brain, the man knows he is sinning against his fellow man, but if he loves his children, if he is kind to his dog, it makes up for everything else. 

So, somehow, Mr. Cruz, Mad Dog is not convinced. He is not convinced you are the loving, cuddly man you say you are. Others have trod that loving father path before you, down the lane to a horror at the other end.


  1. Mad Dog,
    Can you think of a human being more enamored with the sound of his own voice? Sure he loves his kiddies-but then he seems to love all things Ted. Gives one another reason to wonder "What's up with Texas"? I liked Gail Collins' observation that he's manged a feat so many others have failed at-unite the Senate. Of course the fact that they're united in their hatred of Ted Cruz appears lost on him. I thought her suggestion on how to deal with the fiscal"crisis" was a good one as well-lock the Congress in the Capital and remove the roof for the winter-oh and no blankets. Keep them there until they become "at least as reasonable as the Iranians". Sounds like a plan....

    1. To answer your first question...the name obama leaps to mind.

  2. Maud,

    For a long time I speculated you actually are Gail Collins.
    Clearly, kindred souls.

    Mad Dog

  3. Ted Cruz is awesome. I voted for him. I know it's hard for you to understand but he campaigned on promises he kept. That's why I think he's great. Win, lose, or draw he tussled - and that's what counts. I'm voting for him again no matter what he runs for. His religious bend is kinda creepy but you know where you stand with him.