Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Where Have All The Leftists Gone? Long Time Passing.

 Mad dog never thought he would miss the 1960's, but he is edging toward that now. 
In the 1960's the left had cause to take to the streets. The War in Vietnam, oppression of Blacks, the suppression  of women. Now, there were some heavy wrongs to right. 
But now, Jane Fonda has short hair, diamonds and designer suits. Gloria Steinem got married and the War in Afghanistan is fought by other people's kids, so we can all go out and make money, buy nice cars and homes and live lives of comfort.
Oh, how Mad Dog fantasized about women like that, when he was in college. But look at them now. They're all grown up and they look like the suburban housewives back in the day.
 Trouble is, this comfortable life, as wonderful as it is, does seem bereft of...purpose.
It is outrageous that 1% of the nation's population controls whatever, 70% of the wealth, but the 7% of the wealth that's left to the 80% is livable. It's not like seeing your sons come back in body bags or sans legs or arms.  And, yes, women are not paid what they are worth, but it's not like they are limited to teaching, nursing and secretarial work--just look at Mad Men to see how far we've come.
 Blacks were being knocked off their feet by fire hose jets. "Freedom riders" were murdered for trying to enroll Black voters. The governor of Alabama stood in the school house door with hate dripping from his lips. Martin Luther King was murdered for being an uppity Nigra.
But the war in Vietnam eventually limped to its ignominious conclusion; Blacks got the vote, got to use public rest rooms and restaurants; medical school and law school classes opened up to women; women left the home and entered the workplace and young men and women could have sex before marriage, even with members of other races or the same sex, and nobody got thrown into prison because of that. 

So most of these liberal causes, most of the fights ended in victory for the right side, if not for the Right. 
We have become victims of our own success. The left has been defanged, become irrelevant. All the thunder now comes from the Right. Rush Limbaugh and that smarmy guy on Squawk Box, Joe Kernen, with the lush hair and smirk baits a college professor this morning calling him a "pseudo academic, but then again, that is a tautology." And the Johns Hopkins professor, who has left Wall Street for the Ivory Tower responds meekly, "Well, I turned forty."

So now it's okay to say academics are pseudo. Of course, this is something that wells up from people like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity. We expect this because there's not a diploma with any of their names on it among them.  They resent academics because when they were at the academy, they likely got taken apart limb by limb by professors and instructors who would not let them get away with saying outrageous things. They were scarred by the experience and that resentment, that burning flame of self doubt is still in there.
Joe Kernen, however does hold a BA and an MS, and worked at MIT, so in a sense, he has more right to assert that academics have clay feet. But nobody challenged him. Nobody said, "Well, academics may disappoint you, but consider the alternative: The ignoramus."
But, qui tacit constentit, silence implies consent. If we do not answer these ignoramuses we will allow their narrative to become the prevailing wisdom: "Obamacare is a disaster." 
No, actually, it is a triumph. 
But where are the liberal voices to sing that song to the unwashed masses?

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