Friday, June 27, 2014


Let's see if I understand this: The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech, that being the most fundamental freedom of any democracy. 

But what is speech?  And to whom among all those living on this continent is that right actually guaranteed?

Well, speech can be someone planting his body in the path of a woman who is trying to walk into a planned parenthood office and screaming in her face, "You are about to commit murder!" as she is on her way to get her birth control prescription refilled, her breast cancer screening and her screening for sexually transmitted diseases. 

She's a tart, anyway, and deserves a little dose of free expression slap in the face.

Or speech can be a corporation spending billions on TV ads to defeat certain political candidates it finds it cannot bribe into submission.

But if you are a teenager who is appalled by the whole, perverse "Olympic movement" with it's pervasive jingoism, it's debased commercial essence, masquerading as the thrill and purity of "sport" and you find yourself ordered by your high school principal to stand along a road as the Olympic torch is borne by someone in an  open convertible, and you are supposed to cheer wildly and wave your little American flag but you feel more like puking, so you unveil your protest banner for the TV cameras, "Bong Hits For Jesus" well, that speech is NOT protected. That is speech by a child and heaven knows American children, especially American children in school,  are not entitled to free speech. 

Which is to say, you are free to express yourself in this United States of America, as long as what you express meets with the approval of Justices Scalia, Alito, Thomas and Roberts, and, most importantly, Kennedy. 

If you are expressing opinions which challenge authority, which undermine the financial dominance of those in power, well, that is not free speech, that is obscenity.  But if you express an opinion against abortion, contraception or anything Judge Scalia agrees with, well the Supreme Court has got your back. 

Congratulations! You live in the land of the free and the home of the knave. 

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