Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Scott Brown Catches Jean Shaheen in the Polls

Mississippi Police Awaiting Freedom Riders

Georgia Policeman Ripping American Flag from Boy's Hands

Scott Brown is out of work and looking for a job. He is a good looking man, who very much liked being a Senator from Massachusetts and he realized this was the best job he was ever going to get, so now he's running in New Hampshire.

If he has any thoughts of his own, if he is capable of any independent thought and analysis, we will never know because he cleaves to the party line which is:  1. The road to Paradise is through private enterprise.  2. All the ills of the American economy emanate from government interference and regulation . 3. Government is the problem,not the solution.  4. Obamacare is the root of all evil.  5. Lazy no good nicks are unwilling to work and liberals want to take your hard earned money and give it to them.  6. Cutting taxes for the rich will be good for the poor because the rich will hire the poor and wealth will trickle down to them's that needs it.

Of course, as Paul Krugman points out every day, there is no good evidence that any of these propositions of Republican economics is true, and in fact, there is plenty of evidence it is all false, but that doesn't stop people from believing what they want to believe.

When Mad Dog was growing up the prevailing belief was that Blacks were lazy and only wanted a government hand out, that if the Blacks were paid more, it would come out of the pockets of hard working Whites and Whites would suffer. Of course, what happened, when some Blacks got better jobs is it lifted the whole economy and it was better for everyone.

And now we have Scott Brown, candidate of the rich, pulling even with Jeanne Shaheen, riding a wave of negative ads funded by the Koch brothers and we are facing the prospect of our state represented in the Senate by Scott Brown and Kelly Ayotte.

But New Hampshire is not Mississippi or Georgia, is it?

Or is it?


  1. Mad Dog,
    One can clearly imagine all the abuse suffered by the freedom riders when you look at that chilling photo of Mississippi's finest-it really reminds you of the courage of those first, front line advocates for civil rights. These guys are scary and it looks like there probably wasn't more than one functioning brain between them...

    Very troubling development in the polls, I agree..just saw an ad this morning saying Jeanne Shaheen and her family have profited from her time in Washington, while the poor residents of NH have suffered mightily--pushing more the message to vote against Jeanne Shaheen than for's scary how quickly the negative ads work..

  2. Ms. Maud,

    Which is why Dems have to respond in kind--on the airways, on social media, youtube, whatever.
    Yes, there is no more chilling bad cop than a Southern bad cop.
    Apologies to Anon, who is always quick to point out there's a New South.
    But, I think you are being generous with the one brain among them. Half a brain, max.

    Mad Dog