Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Scott Brown: The Prettiest Candidate Yet?

There he is, in his truck, in his barn coat, wowing New Hampshire voters with his good looks, reading from the GOP Hymns and Verses. 

Has this man ever had an original idea?

There was a band (probably more than one) in the 60's which was entirely the creation of a record company which put together all the elements common to successful bands. Mr. Brown is that sort of man--read the gospel as given to him by Mr. Koch, and Rush Limbaugh and all their fellow travelers.

A group of citizens has responded with this youtube posting:


If the link doesn't work, try youtube search, "Scott Brown: The prettiest candidate yet."

Worth a try.

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  1. Mad Dog,
    A great video- absolutely worth a view!! the producers of this clip are bordering on brilliant..