Sunday, September 7, 2014

Scott Brown: Secure Our Borders

Scott Brown is currently pillorying Jeanne Shaheen for voting against "Securing Our Borders."  His ads say, "Jeanne Shaheen voted against secure borders."

Which strikes me as something like the guy from the dugout who shouts across the field to his pitcher, who is having a little problem with control: "Just throw strikes!"

As every pitcher I ever knew has said, "Oh, thanks for that!  Like I'm not trying to throw strikes."

Of course, Scott Brown is simply reading from the Republican Hymns and Verses, book. The man has never had an original thought in his life. He is the beneficiary of low expectations. If he can simply sing the hymn, he gets full credit for having a functioning brain. 

Oh, yes, "just secure the borders." If those damn Democrats (rhymes with "rats") would only secure the borders, why, then we'd not have this problem with all these illegal immigrants.  But those Democrats don't want to secure those borders, because they want all those illegal immigrants coming across the borders, because they will vote for Democrats.  All you ever hear from Democrats is sympathy for these illegal nine year olds who are fleeing gang rape,  impressment into gangs and armies, and being swept up into the drug wars and poverty running rampant in Central America.

Fuzzy minded, bleeding heart liberals have been practically inviting illegal immigrants to cross the border.

Never mind, the rich capitalists who are building shopping malls and housing developments, who own restaurants, who own farms are employing these illegal immigrants, once they do get across the border, but let's not blame them, because, well they vote Republican, so they are okay.

And even if we could build a great wall of Texas, they are building tunnels on the Mexican side,  and they will tunnel right under it, and  there is the little matter of travel by sea and air to contend with. If there is green pasture land north of the border, people will figure out how to get there. 

What Mad Dog wants to know is, who are the voters who imbibe this bilge water?

If there is a market for snake oil, you can hardly blame the purveyors of snake oil for trying to make a killing, can you?

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