Wednesday, September 17, 2014

White Power In America

When Mad Dog was an adolescent, they were integrating the University of Alabama and the schools in Arkansas.  George Wallace, the governor of Alabama, stood in the school house door and declaimed, "Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!"

Mad Dog worked at  his local swimming pool, in Bethesda, Maryland, an affluent white suburb of Washington, D.C., where there were very few Blacks, not because of official discrimination but because Blacks could not afford to live in Bethesda.  A Black child, a guest of a member, swam in the pool and a few hours later the manager got a call from a man who wanted to know when the manager was going to drain the pool, how long it would take to drain and refill it and when the pool would be opened again. 

The manager said, "Come on down right, now: The water's fine!"

Philosophically, we didn't like racists much in Bethesda, but then again we weren't exactly integrated in a practical sense. 

The manager of a Florida motel, seeing Blacks in his swimming pool, poured a bucket of acid into the water. Just to show how much he cared.

The locals came out to protest the admission of Colored to Alabama public schools, and they did the same in Mississippi, Georgia  and Arkansas.

Of course, in Bethesda, we asked: Why would anyone want to go to any "school"
in any of those states?  Can you imagine what they were teaching those Yahoo's down there in the South? Can you imagine having to go to class with those brain dead bigots? If you added up the IQ's of the entire population of Mississippi would the total exceed 100?

Things, we are told, have changed.  But what about those protesters outside the school buses along the border states of Arizona, Texas and California?

What do you do with a population which approximates the hate index of the Poles who cheered as the boxcars rolled past on  the train tracks headed toward Auschwitz?

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