Thursday, October 9, 2014

ISIS, Ebola, Beheadings, Illegal Immigrants: It's All Obama

Driving home, listening to NPR on my commute, I heard a segment about Rush Limbaugh's latest effort to connect all that is wrong in the world to the liberals, namely the Democrats, most especially President Obama.
It went something like this (and I'm not sure I can ever reconstruct the logic): Mr. Duncan, who flew from Liberia infected with Ebola, is part of a conspiracy of the liberals and Democrats to make Americans feel guilty about our own history of slavery. 
You see, Liberia was set up to receive American slaves, as an effort to rid the nation of the problem presented by slaves. And now, that country is the epicenter of the Ebola infection, so the Obama administration is bringing some Liberian Ebola victims here to die among us and to spread the infection, as a righteous vengeance for America's role in slavery.  This is all part of the liberal doctrine, it's liturgy. 

Follow that? 

I'm not sure I do. But I do understand that any time a Central American child crosses the border, it's Mr. Obama's fault and the fault of all who vote with him (hint: Jeanne Shaheen.)

Mike Huckabee said as much: He said, (same broadcast) that it's totally easy for an Ebola victim to enter the United States, even with this half baked plan to screen people coming in from Africa at airports, because all the Ebola victim has to do is to fly to Mexico and walk across the border, which Mr. Obama has not defended.

And Rick Perry is very indignant about Mr. Obama and the Democrats failing to defend his border with Mexico. He can look out his house and see Russia, Rick Perry can. No, wait, that was Sarah Palin. Rick Perry can see Mexico City, or Juarez or maybe Colombia.  I don't know. But what he can see is all the droves of infected Central American kids walking across the border Mr. Obama refuses to defend, because Mr. Obama wants to make the Texans feel bad about the Alamo.

And don't even get me started about ISIS beheadings.  You know that's Obama's fault, right from the get go. If he had only followed up on George W. Bush's original game plan and kept surging and surging, why ISIS would have had no place to rise up from. 

And George W is looking out his window right now and what do you think he sees? Afghanistan? No, he sees Costa Rica, which doesn't even have an army and what George is thinking is, "If they don't have an army, why didn't I invade Costa Rica?"

And the ISIS militants hacked Morgan bank, and those Democrats just can't keep us safe and the country is going to hell in a hand basket and we need another surge, somewhere. 

Now, about Ebola. We are sending troops to build hospitals in Liberia and you know some of them are going to come home with Ebola and then the Democrats will be happy, because it will make all Americans sorry they ever had slaves. 

What we ought to do is get the Ku Klux Klan to secure our borders. Burn a few crosses down there along the Rio Grande and all those Ebola infected kids will go back home to their families in Honduras or wherever they come from. 

Maybe Costa Rica. What sort of people don't even have an army? Do they even own guns down there?

You know Obama can't even get Ebola, because he was born in Kenya, and he was conceived on Mars, so his blood cells can't be infected by earth born viruses. 

He's just got to be the worst President ever. Just ask Rush. 


  1. Why Mad Dog, all Rush's diligence and super sleuthing has done us all a big else would we have known that the introduction of Ebola into the US was simply Obama evildoing, payback for slavery-Revenge of the Black Man-and as they say, payback's a b***h...

    Which prompted me to do some pondering and investigating know all those thousands of walruses that piled onto a beach in Alaska recently..this appears to me to have Obama's fingerprints all over it--another catastrophe created by the administration and their liberal cronies- this time to prove climate change really exists. It appears that the government secretly added a toxin to the water which produces in marine animals the uncontrollable urge to head to land --God only knows what will be beaching itself next...Just more reasons why Obama-that diabolical demon and as you so brilliantly point out, spawn of Martians-will go down as the worst President....EVER.....

  2. Maud,

    Mr. Obama has significant competition for that title; Those who nominate him may be forgetting: Harding (Teapot Dome); McKinley (Spanish American War); Hoover (simply frozen in the ice of his own indifference); Reagan (union busting, tripling the deficit, institutionalizing delusion); And, of course, Our very own George W. Bush, who instituted the concept of eternal war, from which President Obama is still trying to extricate us, with less than compete success.
    My Brooklyn son, reflecting on his new found good health insurance and dental care, said he would vote for Mr. Obama again, and in fact, he'd vote for Obama every week.
    As for the walruses: I will have to look into this. Almost 20 years ago walruses entered a special pantheon in our family lore when our younger son gave as a Trivia answer: Q:"mountain animal" A:Walrus. When a walrus was discovered, inexplicably, on the mountainous Rte 1 along the California coast,about 3 years ago, we all got emails of vindication.
    As for the "worst" title, well, our favorite Martian is one President, Rush Limbaugh not withstanding, not actually in the running.
    Mad Dog